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Cat Mozoo (ネコモズー Neko Mozū, 7) is the cat-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Attacked a scientist near the sea to take his experiment. He also attacked a plant. In the first fight with Goggle-V, he turned invisible. Google V used Goggle Victory Flash but ended up being useless. He was forced to retreat by Dr. Iguana. Then he soon returned and destroyed some more plants. Goggle-V found out where he was by brainwaves on the scientist's experiment. Then he retreated again, but on his own account. Then he attacked the scientist's kid, but the plan backfired and he was forced to retreat again. He tried to attack Goggle-V, but the plan backfired, because Goggle Red cleared the road for the others. The fourth fight with Goggle-V ended in Goggle-V using Lightning Balls, Yellow Opal Megaton Ball (Goggle Yellow), and then Goggle Victory Flash. Revived by Cat Kong the drove it. Defeated by Goggle Robo's Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He could jump high into the air, had sharp claws, could become intangible, fire psychic beams from his eyes, and had a machine gun in his mouth.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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