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Cat Evo (ネコシンカ Nekoshinka, 22) is the cat-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Cat Evo was created as part of a scheme to hypnotise children into becoming bratty, troublesome youths who do nothing but cause pranks all day and don't care about studying. The Evolution Beast ends up using its power to take over many children, most notably the five of the Yumeno Dream Laboratory who typically hang with the Dynaman. When the heroes try to confront it, the children protect Cat Evo, with the team having a hard time even fighting them due to their connection. In order to face it, Dan, Shima and Rei use Kendo Robo to emit a smoke filled with silver vine (a Japanese plant similar to catnip) to lure Cat Evo away from the children so the Dynaman can face it. The Cat Evo tries using various deceptions, including Tail Soldiers transformed into children and even tried to manipulate Rei's fear of cats to its advantage, but the team overcome it and weaken it with Super Dynamite.

After undergoing Big Bang Progress, Cat Evo continues to use its powerful illusion abilities to deceive the Dynaman, but the team cleverly uses DynaRobo's Beat Hammer to lure it with the giant spiked ball before smashing it on the head with the hammer side; with it stunned, Cat Evo is finally destroyed by Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Cat Evo has the ability to create a powerful "Cat Smoke" from his mouth which can hypnotize children into becoming rebellious brats who don't study; it also possesses an ability called "Cat Deception", another style of hypnosis which causes those hit by it to see whatever it wants it to see, whether it be inversion of the ground or even objects out of nowhere. It can also throw koban-like bombs. It can also jump high, teleport, use telekinesis, emit explosive eye flashes, use explosive rose petals, change his size, and emit flames from the mouth called the Cat Flames.


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