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"No. I was thinking more like....Fantasta Girl!"

Cassidy Agnes Cornell is the shallow and nosy reporter for the school news station.

Character History

A popular girl at the Rangers' school, she is seemingly very rich. She was always trying to get to the bottom of the latest stories and some crazy scheme to become famous.

Cassidy later embarked on a quest to find the identity of the White Ranger, so she can get a real news job. She was often mean to her friend Devin but the two have remained good friends.

During this search, Cassidy and Devin came into contact with a meteor that frees the inner parts of a person's personality they don't usually express. In Cassidy's case, she became nerdy and a kiss-up towards the now cool and suave Devin and the two almost kissed, but they were later returned to normal a second before they did.

Later a pepper-themed copying monster made four clones of Cassidy, each acting as a separate person. This only lasted for a while, yet still confused Devin.

Cassidy met Ethan on a blind date, due to a online dating service. The two tried to become a couple. However, Cassidy decided to just be friends with Ethan since the two didn't really have anything in common. Kira got Cassidy a job at the news station she interned at. Cassidy finally got the news job she had always wanted.

Cassidy continued to try and get all the news scoops she could possibly get. She was lost without Devin.

In the end, Cassidy finally learned the Rangers' identities. She gave all evidence to the Rangers so she wouldn't hurt her new friends. Cassidy went to the Prom with Devin.


  • Cassidy and Devin are quite similar to Bulk and Skull, as their antics are often used as comic relief throughout the season. Another similarity is their determination to find out the Rangers' identities for the purpose of fame, a guiding motivation for Bulk and Skull during Mighty Morphin 2.
  • Cassidy is portrayed by the same actress who portrayed Marah in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Katrina Devine. Ironically, they both pass by each other at some point both saying "Wow. Look at her. She looks like me but I'm so much more prettier."
  • According to her words in "House of Cards", Cassidy has a little brother who was six at that time.
  • Due to the absence of a Pink Ranger in Dino Thunder Cassidy seems to wear a lot of pink.
    • Her Abaranger counterpart Emiri Imanaka was a Pink Ranger, although she was a wannabe one.


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