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"Red Ranger, Rescue ready!"
―Red Lightspeed Ranger's Roll Call.[src]
"Time to end this, once and for all!"
―Carter's most famous line before trying to kill Queen Bansheera with his Battle Booster.[src]

Carter Grayson is a Mariner Bay firefighter and the Red Lightspeed Ranger and the leader of the Lightspeed Rangers.

He is also referred to as Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger or Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger, though these are more in reference to the show than proper labels.


Early Life

As a child, Carter was saved from a burning building by a mystery firefighter. This encounter led him to follow in his savior's footsteps and become a firefighter himself. He later found this mystery firefighter to be none other than Captain Mitchell. Over the years, Captain Mitchell kept a close eye on Carter, watching him become a fireman and saw he had the potential to be a great Power Ranger and leader.

Lightspeed Rescue

Carter Grayson was one of Mariner Bay's best firefighters. His daredevil maneuvers risked his life, but saved those in danger. Carter is brave, headstrong, and quick thinking. Carter was the first to accept his role and took up the position of team leader as the Red Lightspeed Ranger, and courageously led the Rangers against Diabolico's forces. As the Red Ranger, Carter is a strong leader, however he is strict and by-the-book.

During the series, he develops feelings for Dana Mitchell, the Pink Ranger, but it's unknown if he has expressed them yet, though the feelings seems to be mutual. An example is in the episode "The Last Ranger", when the Rangers, save Dana, lose their memories, Carter sees Dana get hurt and it restores his memories.

Carter bravely took down Queen Bansheera in a final battle, tossing her into the Shadow World for good.

Time Force

6 Lightspeed Rangers

The Lightspeed Rangers in Time For Lightspeed.

When Vypra returned from the dead and began terrorizing Silver Hills, Carter reunited the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers, who helped the Time Force Rangers defeat the undead demon princess.

Forever Red

Lightspeed Red Forever Red

Carter in Forever Red.

When remnants of the Machine Empire's forces unearthed Serpentera to destroy Earth, Carter teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers and traveled to the moon to stop them. He teamed up with Red Space Ranger Andros against Steelon.

Legacy of Power

The Lightspeed Rangers were featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Legacy of Power

Super Megaforce

Maxresdefault (20)

Carter with Dana and Ryan greeting the Mega Rangers.

"Don't worry guys! We've got this!"
―Carter says before he saves a man.[src]

Carter and Dana investigate the aftermath of Emperor Mavro's Armada attacks. Then later, he, Dana and the other Lightspeed Rangers joins every Legendary Ranger legion in defeating the final Armada foot soldiers.Legendary Battle


As a career fireman, Carter's priority has always been the well-being of others. In his debut scene, he refuses to leave a burning building that's about to collapse without retrieving the civilians trapped inside. At the end of Lightspeed Rescue, he even urges his friends to close the lid of the tomb to the Shadow World so he can sacrifice himself to stop the demons from being unleashed. Carter's dutifulness to protect others is somewhat misguided. He never took a day off, even when Captain Mitchell gave the Rangers crystal clear orders to take a day off and relax. This was because he believed to help others, he must put himself through intense training, even if he isn't happy with it. It wasn't until a pep talk from Captain Mitchell did Carter finally realized even selfless people need time to themselves once and a while.

Carter is shown to be a brave individual with a warrior's pride. He refuses to retreat even when it was clear the resurrected and empowered Trifire and Magmavore were overpowering their Lightspeed Megazord and would rather die fighting. He could also be impulsive, sometimes performing actions that would result in more casualties if not for Captain Mitchel's guidance. He eventually learns to listen to Captain Mitchel's orders to retreat, realizing it's better to live to fight another day than to die for nothing. Carter also has a sharp battle instinct, shown when the Lightspeed Solarzord seemingly destroyed Diabolico and again when the Lightspeed Megazord seemingly destroyed Queen Bansheera, he concluded it was way too easy and accurately deducted during the second time that Queen Bansheera escaped, rather than being destroyed.

Red Lightspeed Ranger


Ranger Costume



Appearances: LR Episodes 1-40, TF Episode 33, WF Episode 34, SM Episodes 20 & LBEV

Trans Armor Cycle Armor Mode

Ranger Costume

Appearances: LR Episodes 35, 38, TF Episode 33


Ranger Costume


Transformation failure in LR Episode 11

Legendary Ranger Devices

GoRed Ranger Key

The Red Lightspeed Ranger Key.

The Red Lightspeed Ranger Key is Carter’s personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Troy Burrows (Super Megaforce Red) who uses it to fight as the Red Lightspeed Ranger. Although it has not been used, it has been seen in toy form.

Lightspeed Rescue Charger

Lightspeed Rescue Dino Charger

The Red Lightspeed Ranger is one of the Rangers that represent the Lightspeed Rangers for the Lightspeed Rescue Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Lightspeed Rescue's case, it featured the Red Lightspeed Ranger, the Titanium Ranger, the Lightspeed Megazord, and the Lightspeed Rescue title. This Charger was paired with the In Space Dino Charger.

Lightspeed Rescue Red Ninja Power Star

Lightspeed Rescue Red Ninja Power Star

The Lightspeed Rescue Red Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger and is marked with the kanji for "red". This will be a part of the upcoming Ninja Steel toyline and it's currently unknown if it will have a in-show appearance.

Behind the Scenes


  • Carter is portrayed by Sean Cw Johnson, his suit actor in the Super Sentai footage is played by Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji), who was the suit actor for 18 out of the 20 lead Heisei Kamen Riders (except Kuuga and Hibiki) & Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢 博文 Fukuzawa Hirofumi). Hiroshi Maeda (前田 浩 Maeda Hiroshi) in the US footage.


  • Although never referred to as it in the show, Carter's Ranger file for Lightspeed Rescue lists his Ranger designation as "Red 1".
  • Carter is a firefighter like his Sentai counterpart. However, of the Lightspeed Rangers, he's the only one that is a fire fighter. This is appropriate because his primary zord is a fire truck and his visor somewhat resembles a fireman's badge.
  • Carter has used his Battlizer the rarest out of all Reds with Battlizers, having used it only three times, including the team-up episode.
  • Due to his guest appearances in both Time Force and Wild Force, Carter is the last Ranger to have appeared for 3 shows in a row.
  • Carter's last name was originally "Greer".


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