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A list of merchandise for the 20th Super Sentai series Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

Roleplay Items

GSC accelchanger
  • Accel Changer (アクセルチェンジャー Akuseru Chenjā)

GSC autoblaster
  • Auto Blaster Set (オートブラスターセット Ōto Burasutā Setto)

GSC viblade
  • Viblade (バイブレード Bai Burēdo)

GSC gigaformula
  • DX Giga Formula (DXギガフォーミュラ Derakkusu Giga Fōmyura)

GSC signaizer
  • Multi Recording Item Signizer (マルチレコーディングアイテム シグナイザー Maruchi Rekōdingu Aitemu Shigunaizā)

GSC gigabooster
  • DX Giga Booster (DX ギガブースター Derakkusu Giga Būsutā)

GSC carnavic
  • LCD Scope Car Navic (液晶スコープ DX カーナビック Ekishō Sukōpu Derakkusu Kā Nabikku)

GSC navicshot
  • Transforming Equipment Navic Shot (変形装備 ナビックショット Henkei Sōbi Nabikku Shotto)

DX Mecha

1996 RVrobo
  • Gekisou Combination DX RV Robo (激走合体 DX RVロボ Gekisō Gattai Derakkusu Aru Bui Robo)

1996 sirender
  • DX Sirender (DX サイレンダー Derakkusu Sairendā)

1996 VRVrobo
  • DX VRV Robo (DX VRVロボ Derakkusu Bui Aru Bui Robo)

1996 victrailer
  • Battle Fortress DX Victrailer (戦闘要塞 DX ビクトレーラー Sentō Yōsai Derakkusu Bikutorērā)

1996 victorydock
  • Victory Dock (ビクトリードック Bikutorī Dokku)

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Gekisou Heroes

GSC gekisouheroes

Gekisou Heroes (激走ヒーロー Gekisō Hīrō): Five 4.5" Chogokin Style figures, although they are plastic rather than die-cast. Each Carranger comes with their personal weapon, ViBlade, and Auto Blaster. Red Racer also comes with the wheeled frame for the Giga Formula and Yellow and Pink Racer each come with a Carranger emblem.


GSC bluespeeder

Blue Speeder 2

Five Gekisou Machines (激走マシン Gekisō Mashin): The Carrangers' five go-carts that are individually packaged. No figures were included with the Speeder Machines, however they are scaled to be used the Gekisou Hero figures.

GSC polispeeder

PlaDelu Polispeeder (プラデラ ポリスピーダー Puradera Porisupīdā): A set of a Signalman figure and his police bike. It includes accessories of the Signizer in three different modes.

GSC pladelucars

PlaDelu Pegasus Thunder (プラデラ ペガサスサンダー Puradera Pegasasu Sandā): A toy car of Pegasus Thunder that can transform between car and sky modes. No figure is included but it is scaled to be used the Gekisou Hero figures and comes with a Navic Shot accessory for them.

PlaDelu Dragon Cruiser (プラデラ ドラゴンクルーザー Puradera Doragon Kurūzā): A toy car of Dragon Cruiser that comes with the Giga Booster that can be mounted on top. A magnetic arm extends from the front grill and contains an actual magnet. Like Pegasus Thunder, no figure is included and it comes with a Navic Shot accessory for the Gekisou Hero figures.

DX Action Carrangers


DX Action Carrangers (DXアクションカーレンジャー Derakkusu Akushon Kārenjā): 8" figures of the five Carrangers in the style of Turboranger's Super Big Pose Series and the popular line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures released by Bandai America. Each has a punch or kicking gimmick and comes with a ViBlade, Auto Blaster, and Navick Shot.

Mini Popinica Series

GSC minipopinica

The Mini Popinica Series is a line of miniature die-cast toy vehicles. Five vehicles were released for Carranger: Red Vehicle, Blue Vehicle, Sirender, Pegasus Thunder, and Dragon Cruiser.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha


PlaDelu RV Robo (プラデラ RVロボ Puradera Aru Bui Robo): A non-transforming robot figure. The Red, Green, and Yellow Vehicles can be removed. It includes accessories of the RV Sword and RV Shield.


PlaDelu VRV Robo (プラデラ VRVロボ Puradera Bui Aru Bui Robo): A non-transforming robot figure. The legs can be removed and it includes the V Cannon and V Bazooka.

GSC PDvictrailer

PlaDelu Victrailer (プラデラ ビクトレーラー Puradera Bikutorērā): A figure that can be transformed between trailer mode and robot mode. It includes five miniature VRV Machines that can be docked inside.

Vinyl Figures

GSC 5set

Carranger Five Set (カーレンジャー5セット Kārenjā Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall soft vinyl dolls of the Carrangers.

GSC BSredracer

TV-Land Special Big Soft Red Racer (テレビランドとくせい ビッグソフトレッドレーサー Terebi Rando Tokusei Biggu Sofuto Reddo Rēsā): A 25 centimeter tall vinyl figure of Red Racer. It was sent to subscribers of the now defunct TV Land magazine.

GSC BSsignalman

TV-Land Special Big Soft Signalman (テレビランドとくせい ビッグソフトシグナルマン Terebi Rando Tokusei Biggu Sofuto Shigunaruman): Another 25 centimeter vinyl figure that was sent to TV Land subscribers.

GSC pockethero

Pocket Heroes: Gekisou Sentai Carranger (ポケットヒーロー 激走戦隊カーレンジャ Poketto Hīrō Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā): Pocket Heroes was a line produced by Yutaka. Each set came with five or six non-posable mini figures.

Candy Toys


GSC MPrvrobo

Minipla RV Robo (ミニプラ RVロボ Minipura Aru Bui Robo)

  1. Red Vehicle, Radial Shield, and RV Sword
  2. Blue Vehicle
  3. Green Vehicle
  4. Yellow Vehicle
  5. Pink Vehicle

GSC MPvrvrobo

Minipura VRV Robo (ミニプラ VRVロボ Minipura Bui Aru Bui Robo)

  1. V Fire
  2. V Police
  3. V Dump
  4. V Dozer
  5. V Rescue and V Gun

Roleplay Items


Carranger Kit (カーレンジャーキット Kārenjā Kitto)

  1. Auto Blaster
  2. ViBlasde
  3. Accel Brace
  4. Accel Key


Giga Formula (ギガフォーミュラー Giga Fōmyurā)

  1. Fender Sword
  2. Muffler Gun
  3. Engine Cannon
  4. Side Knuckles
  5. Bumper Bow

Figures & Miscellaneous

GSC CTshininghero

Shining Heroes (シャイニングヒーロー Shainingu Hīrō)

  1. Red Racer
  2. Blue Racer
  3. Green Racer
  4. Yellow Racer
  5. Pink Racer

GSC CTmachines

Carranger Machines (カーレンジャーマシン Kārenjā Mashin)

  1. Red Speeder 1
  2. Blue Speeder 2
  3. Green Speeder 3
  4. Yellow Speeder 4
  5. Pink Speeder 5

GSC CTracers

Hyper Racers (ハイパーレーサー Haipā Rēsā)

  1. Red Vehicle
  2. Sirender
  3. Pegasus Thunder
  4. Dragon Cruiser

GSC CTreal

Real Carranger (リアルカーレンジャー Riaru Kārenjā)

  1. VRV Robo
  2. Sirender
  3. RV Robo
  4. Police Fighter
  5. Fire Fighter
  6. Dump Fighter

Exclusive Releases

GSC goldRV

Gold Plated RV Robo (金ピカRVロボ Kin Pika Aru Bui Robo): A prize in a drawing held by Terebi-Kun. 10 entrants were chosen to receive the prize.


Gold Plated VRV Robo (金ピカVRVロボ Kin Pika Bui Aru Bui Robo): A prize in a drawing held by Terebi-Kun. 20 entrants were chosen to receive the prize.


GSC zonnet

Devilish Female Enemy Leaders: Zonnette (魔性の女敵幹部 ゾンネット Mashō no Megataki Kanbu Zon'netto): A 1/8 scale statue of Zonnette produced by UniFive in 1999.

GIU car

Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Radietta Fanbelt was released in volume 2 and Beauty Zonnette in the "Dark Heroines" volume.

RSS carranger

Rangers Strike Solid (レンジャーズストライク ソリッド Renjāzu Sutoraiku Soriddo) is a line of statuettes released in 2007 that are based off of artwork from the discontinued Rangers Strike card game. Each measures about 10 centimeters tall and came in two color schemes: standard and metallic paint. One such statuette of the card RS-020 was created, which features the Carrangers and RV Robo.

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