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"I am Carnisoar, Sky Overlord. What is it you want, young warrior?"
―Carnisoar's first words upon being revived by Dai Shi.[src]

"You may have won this battle, but this is far from over!"
―Carnisoar's final words before his destruction.[src]

Carnisoar was the Sky Overlord and the holder of the Hawk spirit, a master of aerial martial arts. He used a halberd and feather shurikens in his attacks. He is the first teacher of Dai Shi and one of Dai Shi's teachers alongside Jellica and Grizzaka. At first Carnisoar helped Dai Shi with with his goals, but later betrayed him and joined Grizzaka. Carnisoar serves as one of the main antagonists of Power Rangers Jungle Fury. He is also the second strongest Overlord.


Carnisoar was one of the Overlords. Ten thousand years ago Carnisoar fought alongside Dai Shi and other Overlords against Pai Zhuq Academy and Phantom Beasts. Carnisoar was destroyed in the war.

When Naja was destroyed, Camille took his life talons and gave them Dai Shi. Intending to resurrect the Overlords to become stronger, Dai Shi chooses Carnisoar to be the first, to Camille's dismay, due to his brutal teaching methods. Upon his revival, Carnisoar took Dai Shi into Jarrod's past to eliminate every good deed that performed as a child, making him stronger, as a result. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Good Karma, Bad KarmaAfter this, Carnisoar returned to Dai Shi's hideout to begin the actual training, teaching Dai Shi to harness Jarrod's negativity as power until Jellica was revived. After Dai Shi manages to beat Jellica, Carnisoar leaves Dai Shi's training to her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Pushed to the EdgeHe returned to help Dai Shi kill the Rangers briefly, reviving the Shadow Guards. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ghost of a Chance

Carnisoar later sided with Grizzaka, upon his revival, setting up the chamber to revive the Phantom Beast Generals after obtaining their Crystal Eyes, for Grizzaka. Once arriving at the Rhino Nexus, with the other Overlords, where they ran afoul of the Power Rangers. Carnisoar fought Casey, Theo, Lily, and RJ in his Illusion Dimension after withstanding the Claw Cannon. When Casey used his Tiger Instincts to find the real Carnisoar and attacked him before Carnisoar grew and fought the Wolf Pride Megazord and the Jungle Master Megazord. Carnisoar managed to overwhelm them by jumping on their shoulders and attacking them with his staff until Dominic arrived in the Rhino Steel Zord. Dominic battled Carnisoar and defeated the villain. Before he was destroyed at the hands of the Rhino Pride Megazord, Carnisoar tells rangers that they may have defeated him, but the "war is far from over". Tvicon.png TV STORY-Race to the Nexus

Carnisoar was revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but was destroyed again by the 7 Pai Zhuq Masters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury


Carnisoar was a cruel and calculated Overlord. Dai Shi choosed him as his teacher due to his intelligence and skills, but Carnisoar was actually violent and abusive and Camille told Dai Shi that Carnisoar's methods were ruthless. Carnisoar was an intelligent and skilled fighter and his methods of training Dai Shi were based on hatred. Carnisoar considered that powers and strength needed lack of love and sympathy to anyone and anything and hatred and contempt to everything living. Camille heavily disliked him and wanted to replace him with Jellica. When Jellica arrived, Carnisoar accepted her as a new teacher for Dai Shi and left. However he still aided Dai Shi if his new master needed his help. As example when he summoned Shadow Guards to destroy the Power Rangers. However then, when Grizzaka arrived, Carnisoar betrayed Dai Shi and joined Grizzaka. Carnisoar had difficult relationships with his allies. He was first teacher of Dai Shi and taught him successfully, but his brutal methods disgusted Camille and she heavily disliked him. Carnisoar also heavily disliked Camille and thought she was a problem for teaching Dai Shi. Carnisoar was shown to be good friends with Jellica and he called her Queen of trickery and mind games. Carnisoar also feared and respected Grizzaka and was shown to be heavily faithful to him, as he betrayed Dai Shi and joined Grizzaka and later aided him in seeking Crystal Eyes. Carnisoar was also supremely arrogant and confident and considered himself invincible. He thought that Rangers were only humans and could never defeat him. It was his weakness as he underestimated the heroes and was eventually defeated. However, Carnisoar still was angry for being defeated and even when he was destroyed at the hands of rangers, he told them that victory over him was only beginning and that they had to defeat his master Grizzaka and Dai Shi himself.  

Powers and Abilities


  • Time Travel: Carnisoar can transport himself and others adjacent to him to anyone's past.
  • Illusion World Transportation: Carnisoar can fire white feathers that send his enemies into his "world of illusions", where he can make his opponents see illusions and everything he can do is almost possible.
  • Super Jump: Carnisoar could leap fast and high enough to completely avoid Theo and Lilly's Claw Boosters.
  • Energy Blasts: Carnisoar can fire a massive purple energy blast from his right hand powerful enough to send Theo in his Jungle Master Mode flying backwards and another from his left hand to stop one of RJ's Morpher blasts in mid-air.
  • Self-Replication: In his illusion world, Carnisoar can separate into multiple copies of himself.
    • Multi Flight Attack: Carnisoar and his clones can fly at their opponents and attack them multiple times.
  • Feather Blast: When in his illusion world, Carnisoar can fire black feathers from his hands powerful enough to take down all five Rangers. 
  • Wing Lasers: Carnisoar can shoot purple lasers from his wings powerful enough to take down all five Rangers.
  • Flight: Carnisoar is able to propel himself into the air without the use of his wings, such as when he first appeared and survived the Claw Cannon and the Wolf Morpher's attacks.
  • Enlarging: Carnisoar can make himself grow at will. According to him, this is the "most powerful trick of all."


  • Strength: Carnisoar is the second strongest Overlord, overpowering and taking down Dai Shi when he and the other Overlords betrayed the demented dragon. He was able to withstand Casey trying to throw him to the ground and restrained him. When giant, Carnisoar was able to dispatch the Jungle Pride and Wolf Pride Megazords with two swings of his staff. 
  • Durability: Carnisoar took multiple strikes from the Dai Shi-possessed Jarrod and was completely unfazed by energy strikes from the Claw Booster. His most significant display of durability was when he proved to be completely immune to the Claw Cannon and the Wolf Morpher's finishers being fired simultaneously.
  • Skilled Fighter: Carnisoar was able to return multiple punches and kicks from the Rangers as well as take on all five at once during his final battle.


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  • Halberd: Carnisoar has a massive halberd with a blade on its underside for combat when he grew giant. Two swings of it dismantled the Wolf and Jungle Pride Megazords.
    • Lasers: Carnisoar can rapidly fire red lasers from his halberd. These caused large explosions all over the Rhino Warrior Mode's face and shield but did no damage whatsoever.
  • Shurikens: Carnisoar has large serrated shurikens that he can throw to knock down his enemies.
  • Claws-Even without his weapons, Carnisoar is so skilled with his clawed hands that he can overpower all five Rangers at once.
    • Energy Empowerment: When restraining Casey, Carnisoar was able to power up his claws with purple energy and slash at RJ.

Rinshi Beasts

Behind the Scenes



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  • Carnisoar's name is a portmanteau of the words "carnivore" and "soar".


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