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Carmagic is a mystical power associated with the aliens of planet Hazard; to Hazardians, five constellations in the shapes of vehicles possess mystical energies that can allow for those tied with them to access their power but generally due to the faith of the Hazardian, both in the power of the Carmagic and in those using it making them the conduit of the power. Although Hazard is annihilated by the invasion of the Universal Reckless Driving Tribe Bowzock, a single Hazardian, the child Dapp escaped to find those who could use the constellations power to full effect to fight back as the Carranger. The five who possessed it turned out to be five humans who were all on the Earth, the next planet of Bowzock's path of destruction; all of them worked at the Pegasus Garage and coincidentally chose the five vehicles as their own "dream cars". Once Dapp made contact with them and allowed for them to become the Carranger, they were able to use the power of the Carmagic to fight, including using it to form their base vehicle mechs out of their dream cars; yet at the same time he remained the key to the power, with any turmoil or argument between them making their Carmagic likewise go down as a consequence.


Signalman, an ally alien from the planet Police, utilizes weapons and technology from his home planet to assist (and hinder) the Carranger.


A similar magic exists on the planet Fanbelt that is utilized by another Carranger ally, the so-called "sixth Carranger" Radietta Fanbelt, as well as by her sister Vanity Mirror.


  • The main spell Dappu uses for his Carmagic power is "Kuru Kuru Carmagic", which is very reminiscent of the spells that were later used in Mahou Sentai Magiranger, where the initial syllable is repeated twice before the main word of the spell is later recited.
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