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"My sacrifice cards!"
―Godai's first words.[src]

Card Psyma Beast Godai (カードサイマ獣ゴダイ Kādo Saimajū Godai, 32) is a multi-eyed Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.


Godai was summoned by Cobolda to assist him and Denus in gathering the magical energy to create a portal to hell in order to resurrect their brother, Dark King Zylpheeza, after growing tired of the leadership of youngest brother Salamandes. Capturing a group of humans within cards, including the fiance of a man Matsuri knew from her paramedic practice, he uses the cards to create a gate which opens while Cobolda and Denus fish Zylpheeza's soul out of the gate. Angered by the girl being taken by them, GoPink thrashes the Psyma Beast before the team destroys him with the V-Lancers, which likewise destroys the hell gate and releases those within the cards from captivity.

After Pierre resurrects Godai, it uses its cards on Victory Mars, preventing the mech from moving, before Liner Boy arrives and removes the cards by blasting them off with it's Blaster Shield. This allows the team to destroy the magical Psyma Beast with the Mars Flare.


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Powers and Abilities


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Stated to have the most magical abilities of Cobolda's Psyma Beasts, his main power is the capture of beings within cards (similar to Psyma Beast Cards) which can draw out magical energies from the victim for a greater cause and to assist his spells. He can also use the cards to absorb energies from a larger object, as he does during his giant fight with Victory Mars.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


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