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Car Trouble is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. This episode marks the debut of the Yellow Ranger's Lion Fire Mode.


Calvin is faced with a tough choice when he is offered his dream job.


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Ninja Power Stars


  • When the Rangers do their Hyper Arrow Blast attack, their Ninja Battle Morphers don't have their individual Power Stars. However, when Voltipede leaves, their Power Stars are in the morphers.


  • Although not in the cockpit, this is the first time Mick is inside a Zord.
  • This episode was originally titled Calvin, Mechanic.
  • First and only time Calvin uses the Lion Fire Armor.
  • The actor that played Joe the Mechanic previously voiced Whiger in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
  • Agent 00 Sven is a parody of James Bond (007). Monty even makes a reference when he mispronounces Sven's name.
    • Interstingly, Lupiranger vs Patranger invovled a parody of a similar character of Britsh origin.
      • However, Sven is portrayed by a villian voice actor where Herlock Sholmes was actually the movie's main antagonist.
  • The episode is quite similar to Ace and the Race from the previous season as both episodes focus on Calvin and incorporate cars.
  • Badonna appears but doesn't have any dialogue in this episode.
  • General Tynamon and Brax reappear in the episode since Prepare To Fail, though Brax doesn't have any dialogue.
  • Tynamon manages to steal the Ninja Fusion Star.
  • Mick's ionic decompressor is made from the handle of a Samurai Mega Blade and the Ranger Key slot of a Super Mega Saber/Blaster.

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