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Captain Garoa (ガロア艦長 Garoa-kanchō):

The captain of Vulgyre, clad in black and gray armor over red clothes, armed with a sword. Garoa was scarred by FiveRed as a child, creating a rivalry between them. An expert swordsman, he could handle all five siblings by himself in battle, with his special technique "Taifuu Shaken" (Typhoon Spinning Sword). Although a field commander, he would not show up much in fight, giving orders from Meadow to the others, though at times he would show up to make the lives of the Fivemen miserable if the missions was failing. The continuing failures and the arrival of Chevalier eventually caused Garoa's dismissal, having been assigned the janitor post after his monster Goriwashigin was destroyed when he promised Meadow the deaths of the Fivemen. He eventually found a secret energy source in Vulgyre, and, unaware of its true nature, he used it on a Gorlin, creating the "Big Garoan", a powerful robotic monster which temporarily destroyed the Super Five Robo, earning back his position as Captain. Even though he tried the hardest to succeed in his plans, Garoa along with Dongoros, was the last survivor of Zone, finding his demise trapped in the coffin of Meadow, with his armor destroyed, in the middle of burning Dolyen bills as Vulgyre exploded in the series finale.




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