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"Warning to Grid Battleforce! A dangerous criminal is on his way to Earth from across the galaxy. His name is Ryjack. His mission is to steal valuables from your Vault. Ryjack is armed and dangerous."
―Captain Chaku's message to Rangers warning them of Ryjack.[src]

Captain Chaku (AKA Chuckles) is a force of justice throughout the universe. He is an intergalactic police officer, who appears in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Captain Chaku is known for his work in the "G5 Galaxy" police force and hunting down space criminals. He came to Earth to destroy an intergalactic criminal called Ryjack. He first sent a message to Grid Battleforce warning them of Ryjack. Captain Chaku was first seen by the Rangers when he came to Earth, chasing Ryjack and Grid Battleforce picked up on his alien bio-signature. They held him at gunpoint with their Beast-X Blasters and Striker Morphers since they thought Chaku himself was Ryjack. He tried to explain himself to them but wasn't able to speak English (his first words being unintelligible robotic whirs). He tried to go for his tracker but they shot him down and Devon tried to apprehend him but Chaku escaped by teleporting away.

Later, whilst the Rangers were investigating an alarm, Chaku teleported into Betty and Ben Burke's lab and watched them leave. However, he was intercepted since before he could touch anything in the vault (seeing as the alarm was to indicate he was breaking into the vault) although the Rangers had to leave to fight Ryjack and the resurrected Vargoyle. However, during that battle, they learnt who Ryjack really was and went to his cell (minus Zoey and Ravi who had been poisoned by Ryjack). He then introduced himself and revealed that he was actually using the Morph-X to refuel himself after running out of power pursuing Ryjack. He gave them the formula to save Zoey and Ravi's lives but Vargoyle and a new Gigadrone were detected heading for different Morph-X Towers so Nate and Steel dealt with the Gigadrone whilst Chaku and Devon went after Vargoyle.

They met him and some Tronics in combat and fought until Devon broke Vargoyle's control collar and he fled. He took out the Tronics with his Enforcer Laser before summoning his Galactic Interceptor whilst Devon rode Cruise in bike mode. They briefly fought Vargoyle on vehicles before Chaku tackled Vargoyle off of his bike and they engaged in a short duel which Chaku won with his Enforcer Laser which disarmed Vargoyle. They then killed Vargoyle for good with a combination of his Enforcer Strike and Devon's Beast-X Saber and its Beast-X Slash. Later on, back at Grid Battleforce, Chaku decided to team-up with the Rangers to bring down Ryjack for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Intruder Alert!

He was invited to join Grid Battleforce by Commander Shaw and the Rangers.  Nate soon discovered that Chaku has a young daughter named Starlight, and that he was in fact a cyborg.  He's unwilling to remove his helmet and let her see his face, out of the fear that she won't accept him.  Eventually, he and the Rangers succeed in destroying Ryjack, Chaku retires from the G5 Galaxy police. Nate uses the machine used to create the Rangers and Steel to make Chaku completely human once again.  After this, he thanks them, and returns home to his daughter Starlight. However, he leaves behind a man-eating plant that initially tried to devour Ben and Betty.  They decided to use it as a trash eater, but it has a bad habit of regurgitating slimy mucus. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Greater Good

Family Members

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Captain Chaku took a full-on energy blast to the middle without getting a scratch although he was thrown down.
  • Teleportation: Chaku can teleport to any place in the universe at will by vanishing in a flash of silver.
  • Agility: Captain Chaku was able to backflip fast enough to dodge multiple shots from Vargoyle's shotgun.
  • Enforcer Laser: An explosive blue laser that Chaku shoots through his index finger strong enough to destroy six Tronics with one hit.
  • Spiral Strike: Chaku jumps in the air and delivers a powerful right drop kick.



  • Laser Blade: Chaku's personal weapon which is a sword with a very thin blade.
    • Enforcer Strike: Chaku's signature finishing move which he performs by jumping high into the air and making a vertical sword blow to his opponent.



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