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Cannontop is a cannon monster created by Lord Zedd from a miniature cannon model that belonged to Billy, Cannontop has the ability to shoot his victims to an intergalactic dimension of no return. Cannontop also has a dangerous guided cannonball launching system at his disposal, yet possessed bad aim, since every attempt to blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension failed. Aside from the main cannon mounted on his head, Cannontop also has mini-rocket launching pads installed into his chest. After getting struck by the Power Blaster (and apparently unharmed by it), Cannontop is made huge by Lord Zedd. The White Ranger first battles Cannontop with the Red Dragon Thunderzord riding on top of the Tigerzord. Then, he calls on assistance from Tor, whom blasts numerous gunner-type rays. Afterwards, the Tigerzord goes into warrior mode and forms the Mega Tigerzord. Cannontop's bombarding was brought to an end by the Mega Tigerzord's Firebird attack.


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