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""I don't think so! You're coming with me!""
―Cannonbrawl's first words when confronting High Councilor Renier despite Damon just having told her that she'd be safe further away in the background.[src]
""I'll destroy you!""
―Cannonbrawl mere moments before the Rangers activated the Lights of Orion and his final words before his death.[src]

Cannonbrawl is an excitable, bomb-themed monster of brute strength. He fires balls of energy that either teleport his victims to another place or destroy whatever he fires at with them.


Cannonbrawl was initially sent down by Deviot (which we can assume by him saying "your evilness, I have a plan") to Terra Venture to kidnap High Councilor Renier so thar Trakeena could blackmail Terra Venture into giving her the station's greatest engineer. She would then force them to repair her ship's main engine which had been crippled when the Scorpion Stinger went through an asteroid shower. Cannonbrawl was first seen after shooting Damon in the back after he defeated his Stingwinger support and fought Damon but managed to teleport Reiner away with a cannonball before fleeing to the Scorpion Stinger.

After Damon escaped, Cannonbrawl went after him and engaged Damon near the Heliship. Unmorphed, Damon was no match for Cannonbrawl but Reiner tripped Cannonbrawl up with a box from the Heliship, allowing Damon to stun Cannonbrawl with liquid nitrogen from the Scorpion Stinger, allowing them to escape.

Following Damon, Leo and Reiner's escape, Trakeena sent Cannonbrawl to destroy Terra Ventura. The Galaxy Rangers engaged Cannonbrawl who initially overpowered them but was overwhelmed when Damon used both his and Leo's Quasar Sabers to laybeatdoen on the monster. They then called on the Lights of Orion and Damon hit him with a Power-Up Mode attack but Cannonbrawl grew. The Rangers quickly called upon the Galactazords and formed the Galaxy Megazord to fight against Cannonbrawl, but he was too strong for them. In response, the Rangers summoned the Stratoforce Megazord whose attack weakened Cannonbrawl. With Cannonbrawl weakened, the Galaxy Megazord easily destroyed him. Green Courage

Despite being destroyed, Cannonbrawl was briefly seen in the background, on Onyx, during the auction for the Pink Quasar Saber. Protect the Quasar Saber

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Cannonbrawl is a very strong monster, easily sending the Rangers flying with single punches each.
  • Durability: Cannonbrawl was able to take multiple hits from Damon wielding both his and Leo's Quasar Sabers without taking significant damage.
  • Teleportation: Cannonbrawl can teleport to and from any location at will by charging blue electricity between his hands and then firing it across his body to warp away.


  • Cannon Arm: Cannonbrawl has a large black cannon instead of a right hand from which he can fire two types of cannonballs.
    • Teleportation Cannonballs: Cannonbrawl's primary ability where he shoots a special glowing orange fireball like cannonball into his enemies to teleport them to a location of his choosing.
  • Explosive Cannonballs: Cannonbrawl can also fire highly explosive cannonballs string enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit and damage the Megazord enough to make Damon call for back-up.


  • Cannonbrawl is the only monster in Lost Galaxy that does not say anything whilst growing or after growing. He growls whilst growing and laughed and grunted whilst fighting as a giant.
    • This does not count Grunchor since he doesn't speak anyway.

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