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Cannonbrawl is an excitable, bomb-themed monster of brute strength; he fires balls of energy that either teleport his victims to another place or destroy whatever he fires at with them. He was sent down to the Terra Venture to kidnap the High Councilor Renier and attempted to stop Leo Corbett and Damon Henderson's rescue mission after Damon had successfully repaired Trakeena's ship (which had been damaged in a meteor shower).

After Damon escaped, Cannonbrawl went after him and engaged Damon near the Heliship. Unmorphed, Damon was no match for Cannonbrawl but Reiner tripped Cannonbrawl up with a box from the Heliship, allowing Damon to stun Cannonbrawl with liquid nitrogen from the Scorpion Stinger, allowing them to escape.

Following Damon, Leo and Reiner's escape, Trakeena sent Cannonbrawl to destroy Terra Ventura. The Galaxy Rangers engaged Cannonbrawl who grew after Damon hit him with a Power-Up Mode attack. The Rangers quickly called upon the Galaxy Megazord to fight against Cannonbrawl, but he was too strong for them. In response, the Rangers summoned the Stratoforce Megazord who's attack weakened Cannonbrawl. With Cannonbrawl weakened, the Galaxy Megazord easily destroyed him.

Despite being destroyed, Cannonbrawl was briefly seen in the background, on Onyx, during the auction for the Pink Quasar Saber. Protect the Quasar Saber

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