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"The Glorious Knight! Ryusoul Gold!"
―Ryusoul Gold’s roll call

"Now you will feel the shock of fate from meeting me!"
―Canalo's proclamation before battle[src]

Canalo (カナロ Kanaro) is Ryusoul Gold (リュウソウゴールド Ryūsoru Gōrudo), the Sixth Ranger of the Ryusoulgers. Canalo is the elder brother of Oto.

Character History

Canalo is a descendant of the Ryugu Tribe, whose tribe refused to participate in the fight with their fellow Ryusoul kinsman against the Druidon 65 million years ago and have since secluded themselves to the bottom of the sea. However, due to their long exile, the tribe has experienced ever-dwindling numbers in their population in the present day. This motivates Canalo to venture into the surface world in search of a wife as a means to preserve his lineage.


Contrary to his handsome features and position in high society, Canalo is rather unpopular in most social circles due to his extreme frugality and perfectionist nature. He is also known for his slightly snobbish disposition and unfriendly manners. However, these traits do not undervalue his devotion to his younger sister, who's rescue by Koh convinces him to ally with the others. [1]

He wasn't allowed to joined with the Ryusoulger team due to a tragic event in the past, as MosaRex harbours a strong distaste for the surface dwellers and those from the Sea Ryusoul Tribe who interact with them. Despite MosaRex's hatred towards land Ryusoulgers, Canalo doesn't hate them and lost his confidence to talk to them as he viewed them as they didn't look bad. However, he succesfully convinced MosaRex to help the land Ryusoulgers when they are in trouble fighting with Gachireus. Due to some of his limits in social skills, Oto finds some of the land Ryusoulgers more approachable, something that gets him jealous at times.

Powers and Abilities

Sea Ryusoul Tribesman Physiology
As member of Sea Ryusoul tribes, he possessed these following abilities:
Ryusoul tribespeople age very slowly and can live for hundred years.
Aquatic Respiration
Sea Ryusoul tribespeople can breathe underwater.
Water Telepathy
Canalo can communicate with his sister or MosaRex through a water source.
Sea Ryusoul tribespeople possess high sense of smell. Oto states that it is as sharp as fish's.

Ryusoul Gold

"Que bom! Dongara Haha! Nossa Mossa! Essa Hoisa! Mossassassa! - Ryu So Cool! Wow!"
―transformation announcement via Mosa Changer[src]




  • Mosa Dino Slash (モザディノスラッシュ Mosa Dino Surasshu): By inserting the Gold Ryusoul onto the Mosa Blade, Canalo can unleash a highly energized slash with the Mosa Blade.

Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes 14-18

"Zappan! Dongara Haha! Nossa Mossa! - Messa! Nossa! Mossa! Yossha! Kono Kanji! - Nossa Mossa! Nossa Mossa! - KyoRyuSoul!"
―transformation announcement via Mosa Changer[src]

Ryusoul Gold BiriBiri

Using the BiriBiriSoul, Ryusoul Gold can summon the BiriBiri Armor, allowing him to perform lightning-based attacks.




Thunder Shot (サンダーショット Sandā Shotto)
Using the Mosa Changer, Ryusoul Gold unleashes a massive lightning strike at the enemy.
Final Thunder Shot (ファイナルサンダーショット Fainaru Sandā Shotto)
Using the Mosa Breaker, Ryusoul Gold charges up a massive sphere of lightning energy with surrounding tendrils of lightning, before launching it and annihilating the enemy. Another visitation is that it gathers all of the lightning energy from an energy manifestation of SpinoThunder into a lightning-charged manifest of SpinoThunder's head.

Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes 14-16


Using the KurayamiSoul, Ryusoul Gold can summon the Kurayami Armor, allowing him to perform darkness-based attacks.




Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes TBA

Ryusoul Gold HieHie KyoRyuSoul

Using the HieHie Soul, Ryusoul Gold can equip the HieHie Armor, enabling him to perform powerful ice-based attacks.




Appearances: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes TBA

Behind the Scenes

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  • Ryusoul Gold is the first Ranger to be patterned after a Mosasaurus.
  • Ryusoul Gold shares a similar color scheme with Shinken Gold.
  • Ryusoul Gold’s helmet shares similarities with MagiShine’s, as they both are dark blue helmets with gold faceplates.
  • Similar to Kyoryu Gold, his buckle functions the same as the others but possesses an alternate color palette.
    • Interestingly, Kyoryu Gold is a swordsman who is part of a Sentai team that are mostly gunners while Ryusoul Gold is a gunner that's part of a team that is mostly swordsmen.
  • He is the first Sixth Sentai Ranger to debut in the Reiwa era.
  • Canalo is the only Ryusoulger possessing a ranged weapon.
  • Since episode 15, Canalo had joined in the opening and ending theme.
  • Canalo's Mosa Blade is similar to Burai/DragonRanger's Zyusouken dagger/flute, the original Sixth Ranger.
  • Similar to StarNinger, his changer also says "WOW!" in the end of the transformation sequence.



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