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Can Opener Mask

Can Opener Mask.

Can Opener Mask (カンキリ仮面 Kan Kiri Kamen, 67) is the thirteenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters. He was the one who killed Daigorou Kumano (Kirenger) with his can opener blade, making Can Opener Mask the only Black Crusader to actually kill a Ranger.

Character History

Can Opener Mask's mission was to investigate an EAGLE base which was developing a new mold to be used in a weapon known as "Kabika X", which would have the ability to destroy any mechanical device by merely being mixed with oil. Daigoro was in charge of stopping any Black Cross invasion of the lab, but Can Opener Mask and the Zolder ninjas sneak by eluding them and allowing for them to take the mold and use it to destroy the machines and vehicles of Japanese society. Daigoro wants to initially stop them, but can't due to Akira grounding the entire Gorengers' fleet out of fear of their destruction via the mold mixing with their fluids. However after Taro becomes severely hurt by a runaway car struck by Kabika X, Kirenger decides to do something about it.

Confronting Can Opener Mask on his own, Daigoro stops the vehicle and seizes the boxes of Kabika X to be destroyed. But with one to go, the Masked Monster fires a blade right into Kirenger's side, severely weakening him and making him open to a platoon of Zolders to open fire, ultimately killing him even after the Gorengers reach him. Angered and no longer afraid of Kabika X, Aorenger takes the remaining bomb and tries to throw it to the Black Cross Castle, to no avail.

The Gorengers quickly regroup, further enhanced with the return of Daita Oiwa from his duties on Kyushu to help the team in their time of need. The Gorenger elude and wear down Can Opener Mask before using Gorenger Hurricane to become a can of consomme, which explodes once Can Opener Mask tries to open it. Ep. 67: Crimson Special Attack!! Yellow Ranger Dies at Sunset


Despite not looking any more intimidating compared to the other villains, this monster is heartless and violent, and has the record of killing a Ranger with his blade. Brutal, loathsome, destructive, and opprobrious, the Can Opener Mask is a purely deceptive being with enough evil in his heart to show how cruel and ruthless he really is.

Modus and Arsenal

Can Opener Mask's main weapon is a massive blade similar to that of a triceratops horn at the end of his face, which he can throw and fire to stab anyone hit by it. He also has a drill-like can opener staff and the ability to transform into a steel drum for spywork and surveillance.


  • He's the first Monster of Week to succeed to kill a Yellow Sentai Ranger in the 1970s.


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Behind the Scenes

  • He is the first villain in Super Sentai to kill a Sentai Warrior.


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