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"With the cunning of a chameleon! Phantom Beast General Camille, with the Spirit of the Phoenix!"

Camille is Dai Shi's ill-tempered servant and user of the Chameleon Spirit, allowing her to use camouflaging abilities and a battle-ready tongue. She can also transform into the Green Chameleon Warrior into battle.

She served as a secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Jungle Fury until the Phantom Beasts attempted to overthrow Dai Shi. When Jarrod broke free of his possession, they both retreated and joined the Rangers on the side of good. Camille became an anti-heroine at the end of the season. Camille then started learning in Pai Zhuq Academy. She is also the love interest of Jarrod.


Camille from the past.

10,000 years ago, Camille was right hand of Dai Shi. She remained quietly inside a wall of his palace for 10,000 years until Dai Shi returned in Jarrod's body, resuming her role as his second in command. Camille was formidable enemy of Jungle Fury Rangers and clashed them in numerous battles. She serves Dai Shi out of devoted passion, proving herself by perfecting her abilities by withstanding the Claw Cannon and absorbing a bit of its energy before saving her master from Naja by slicing off his Life Talons for Dai Shi to use in his search for the Overlords. Her other various ability includes boosting the powers of the Rinshi Beasts.

It is hinted that she may have feelings for Dai Shi/Jarrod as she commented that she found Dai Shi's new body to be attractive and she strives to gain his favor. She was also displeased at Dai Shi's change of personality after Carnisoar's training, deciding to resurrect Jellica to accomplish that. She also openly comments that she cares for him to Lily while she was in disguise. Despite his cold treatment of her, Jarrod may carry the same feelings for her as he saved her twice from Jellica's wrath, though the second time he said it was because she was still of use. She spares Lily's life when given the opportunity to kill her, showing Camille has good inside of her that she is withholding.

Camille is followed, and annoyed by, the tiny fly, Flit. She once fought him as a human and cursed him by changing him into his current form and then swallowed him. As a part of the curse, Flit must stay in Camille's stomach or die. While she normally shows him aggression, she has shown a softer side to him meaning she may care about him. Camille had successfully stolen the Control Dagger from Dominic to give to Jarrod. When at the Rhino Nexus, she was attacked by Sand Snakes only to be saved by Dai Shi.

Camille later informed Jarrod/Dai Shi that Dr. Silvia Jennings has five of the Crystal Eyes when the time of the revival draws near. She infiltrated the Research Center and obtained the 5 Crystal Eyes only to fight Casey. The Rinshi that seized Dr. Jennings served as a diversion for Camille to get away with the Crystal Eyes and present them to Jarrod/Dai Shi. Following the destruction of Unidoom, Camille concludes that she needs Rinzin Power and tries to convince some of the Phantom Beast Warriors to give her some, but they act like she is joking and refuse.

Camille appeared as a hostess on the TV game show "Blow That Dough" in a plot to get the Rangers cancelled. This was thwarted when RJ sent Casey's morpher through the TV.

Phantom Beast General

Once Dai Shi becomes the Phantom Beast King, he makes Camille into a Phantom Beast General and gives her Rinzin Power. With her suggestion, she receives the spirit of the Phoenix. She would later be referred to, in this new form, by Scorch and Snapper, as Camille Phoenix. She fought with a spiritless Casey and a Rinzin deprived Whiger when they arrived to free the other Rangers, bested by the combined efforts of the two Tiger Spirits.

Camille during her training under Casey.

She stole a cloning formula from a scientist named Maryl Snyder and used it on Grinder. Afterwards, Camille begins to become targeted by Scorch as she is unknowingly helping Jarrod regain control over himself due to the fact that it is really Jarrod that has feelings for her, rather than Dai Shi. She denies it, saying that she's only ever been loyal to Dai Shi, but Scorch makes her question it, since Jarrod treats her kindly while Dai Shi doesn't (and would have no problem destroying her). When Jarrod was being attacked by Dai Shi after separating (because he makes the decision to refrain from destroying Casey), Camille ran in to protect Jarrod, losing her Rinzin powers and immortality in the process. Soon after, she helps the rangers in battling Scorch and destroying Snapper. Afterwards, she joins Jarrod when he leaves the team in guilt for having unleashed Dai Shi but upon hearing that the Rangers were about to be destroyed left to help them, having truly decided to be good. She then managed to save the Rangers' lives and was accepted by the rest of the team. After Dai Shi was destroyed, Camille is last seen being a new student alongside Jarrod in the Pai Zhuq Academy, with Casey as the main instructor.

Camille was not shown to have fought in the final battle between the Legendary Rangers and the Armada.


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Green Chameleon Warrior

Green Chameleon Warrior

The Chameleon Armor is the armored form of Camille. It is unknown which of her two forms is the real one due to her ability to shape-shift and camouflage.

  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg

Powers and Abilities


  • Transformation: Camille can transform into either her Green Chameleon Warrior or Phoenix Armor at will. When Dai Shi stole her Rinzin, she can only use her physical Green Chameleon armor, although, it's still very powerful.
  • Teleportation: Camille can teleport at will.
  • Energy Absorption: Camille was able to absorb energy from the Claw Cannon to increase her power.
  • Power Enhancement: Camille possesses the ability to boost the Rinshi Beasts' powers.
  • Mouth Needle Rounds: In her Green Chameleon Warrior Armor, Camille was able to fire needles from her mouth to free Casey and Theo from the water ring Jellica trapped them with.
  • Prehensile Tongue: Camille can stretch out her tongue at great lengths to catch her targets and trap them within her body depending on what size they are.
  • Intangibility: As shown when the viewers were first introduced to her, Camille can phase into and out of walls.

Human form, a reference to how chameleons camouflage

  • Curse Inducement: Camille is able to cast curses on her opponents, as she was the one who turned Flit into a humanoid fly.
  • Immortality/Longevity: Camille is immortal or at least has longevity as she waited in that wall for thousands of years, waiting for her master to return.
  • Disguise: Camille can disguise herself as a human by changing her clothes and hair color.


  • Strength: As one of the main antagonists of Jungle Fury, Camille has strength far exceeding any Rinshi or monster. The only ones stronger than her were Dai Shi, Grizzaka, the Overlords and the Phantom Beast Generals.
  • Durability: Despite her human-like appearance, Camille is incredibly durable, being able to withstand a blast from the Rangers' Claw Cannon.


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Appearances: JF Episodes 1-3, 10, 11, 18, 20, 31, 32

Phantom Beast Phoenix

The Phoenix Armor is the armor Camille was given when Dai Shi ordered the Phantom Beast Generals, Snapper, Scorch and Whiger, to make her one of their own. The armor is a manifestation of Rinzin, of the Phoenix Spirit as she explicitly requested. The armor has the power of fire.

  • Height: 202 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg

Powers and Abilities


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  • Rinzin (Taken away by Dai Shi)

Appearances: JF Episodes 27-31

Morph and Roll Call

Behind the Scenes



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  • Camille can instantly morph into her armored form. However, she morphs with a more-detailed video sequence in Way of the Master.
  • Camille's action figure is labelled with her Sentai counterpart's name instead of hers.
  • She is so far the only female Power Rangers antihero.
  • Holly Shanahan had to get her hair dyed brown in order to play Camille.
  • Her disguise as a blonde is still played by Holly Shanahan.
  • With Japanese children's programming guidelines much more lenient than those of the United States, Camille's Gekiranger counterpart Mele was able to have her Ranger-like costume with a breastplate which resemble chameleon eyes. Due to this, Disney avoided showing her chest area as many times as possible in images of Camille sourced from Gekiranger, in order to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to her chest. In scenes with Camille filmed specifically for Jungle Fury, the breastplate was slightly altered and simply repainted dark green like the rest of the suit.
    • A similar modification would be made to the suit for Jellica later in the series.

Hammie from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Boom wraparound cover.png

  • Camille was planned to be seen on the wraparound cover variant of Boom! Studios' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 25 comic, however, Hammie from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger can be seen as one of the many Rangers featured in the cover despite Kyuranger not having been adapted into a Power Rangers season at the time of the comic's release. This was caused by the cover artist mistakenly adding Hammie into the cover instead of Camille.


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