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Camera Monger (カメラモンガー Kamera Mongā, 18) is a camera-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Camera Monger is sent by Hell Saturn to lure three athletes, a ballplayer, a boxer and a swimmer, into being "big stars", leading to them being captured within the Monger's photos and having them replaced by Dark Q clones with superior physical abilities. When Sun Vulcan investigate the trio (made harder with Vulcan Eye no longer able to see them as Dark Q so easily), Camera Monger tries to stop them, capturing a dog in the process before the team use their Vulcan Sticks to destroy its lens. As it replaces the lens, Sun Vulcan reach the base where the three Dark Q clones resided and face them alongside the Zero Girls and ultimately the Monger. After a confusing battle, the team defeat it with the Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after it grows with its Expansion Program.


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His main ability is to capture enemies with its photographic skills, taking a picture of them and capturing them within a photo where they remain trapped until defeated. He also uses light bombs, zooming, and general control of a space where a battle occurs that it can manipulate with its lens, while can emit flash lights that daze and confuse opponents as well as create explosions. His only weakness is the fragility of its lens, which must be replaced if broken. He is also capable of jumping high and teleportation.

Behind the Scenes


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