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Camera Mask

Camera Mask.

Camera Mask (カメラ仮面 Kamera Kamen) is the sixth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Camera Mask was in charge of raiding and obtaining a new EAGLE fuel through the stealing of tanker trucks; the trucks were stolen by his men, then taken to the Yokohama Dreamland amusement park where they are siphoned into tankers to be used by the Black Cross to improve the efficiency of their Condoler units. When EAGLE realizes what's being done, they send the Gorengers to find the tanker trucks and regain the fuel, but due to the base being hidden around the park they can't catch on at first where it is. Ultimately they trick Camera Mask by first getting an EAGLE tanker (controlled by Akira and Daita) abducted by a Zolder (Tsuyoshi in disguise) who is escorted into the park. Camera Mask initially identifies the Zolder as a spy but lets him in by playing along. After attempting to root out Tsuyoshi as the Zolder with the tanker, the Gorengers reveal that the tanker truck has no fuel in it and befuddle the Masked Monster.

With the Gorenger discovering the location of their fuel, Camera Mask is set up by Magman to use a time bomb to blow up the amusement park using the fuel hidden in the tankers; the Gorengers scramble to find it until they realize it is connected to the park's clock, thus set to go off with it hitting the right time. After Peggy disarms the bomb, the Gorengers face Camera Mask being forced to take responsibility for the failure. When it uses its flash-lamp, Akarenger knocks it away and uses it against him. Ultimately the team uses Gorenger Hurricane to become a lens cap, covering up Camera Mask's eye and destroying him in the process. Ep. 48: The Black Supply Depot! Close Call at the Theme Park


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Modus and Arsenal

Camera Mask's main weapon is a flash-lamp that it uses with its camera to cause a bomb explosion. Its lens-like eye can also be used like an x-ray to determine things within objects, such as the identity of those who are wearing Zolder outfits; and can be equipped with a zoom lens for viewing far away.



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Behind the Scenes

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