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Camera Jigen (カメラジゲン, Kamerajigen, 13-14): Originally a camera infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug, Camera Jigen uses his Lens Beam on whomever he takes a picture of would be transported into Maria's photo album. Once able to assume his natural form, he is able to use the explosive Flash Beam and shoot a mist from his left forearm. Camera Jigen later supports Maria in attacking Gai and Kaori before the other Jetmen arrive. However, Camera Jigen captures White Swan before targeting every young woman in the city. After they find his weakness, exposed while using his Lens Beam, the Jetmen attempt to hit it when Grey arrives to support Camera Jigen, with Raita and Ako taken as a result. By the time Gai is captured, Ryuu completes the Fire Bazooka modification and uses it free everyone Camera Jigen took before the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka to kill the monster. But though revealed by his Dimensional Bug, Camera Jigen is easily destroyed the Jet Phoenix.

Camera Jigen appears in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game as the boss of Area B.

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