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"Strength of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Yellow!"
―Ninja Steel Yellow's roll call[src]

Calvin "Cal" Maxwell is Ninja Steel Yellow, the Yellow Ranger of the Ninja Rangers.

Character History

At a young age as mentioned in Drive to Survive, Calvin once drove his go-cart on a track when he lost control and swam out of a duck pond. Since the accident, he's had a fear of driving. However, Calvin got over his fear of driving when he saves the team at the end of the episode.

Calvin was first seen when he fixed his truck, when he saw Sarah riding on her hoverboard causing him to move his head down as she jumps. Return of the Prism


Calvin is a cool and confident gear-head who loves building anything mechanical - especially vehicles. He’s also rather lackadaisical, at times too much for his own good! Calvin is the boyfriend of Hayley Foster, who is Ninja Steel White.

Ninja Steel Yellow

Ninja Steel Yellow



Appearances: NS Episodes 2-22, SNS Episodes 1-22

Ninja Master Mode

When combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Master Mode in order to operate it. Using the Ninja Master Mode Star, the Yellow Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy.



Appearances: NSt Episodes 3-14, 16-19, 21

Super Ninja Master Mode

When combined into the Megazord, the Rangers need to access Ninja Super Steel Mode, an upgrade version of Ninja Master Mode, in order to operate it. Using the Super Ninja Master Star, the Yellow Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade or the Ninja Super Steel Blaster to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Without it the Megazord is without energy.



Appearances: SNS Episodes 2-9, 11-19, 21, 22

Chozetsu KiNinger.png
Arsenal Zords Appearances: SNS Episode 16

Behind the Scenes

Chantz Simpson as the Yellow Ranger

  • Originally, Calvin was to be played by Chantz Simpson, as announced at Power Morphicon 2016. However, in September 2016 the role was recast for unrevealed reasons.



  • He is the first male Yellow Ranger since Chip Thorn. He is also the only male Yellow Ranger in the Neo-Saban Era, and the overall fourth male Yellow Ranger.
  • Like Chase, Koda, and Riley from Power Rangers Dino Charge and his girlfriend Hayley, they don't morph until the second episode.
  • Calvin is also the first blond-haired male Yellow Ranger. This was almost not the case as he was recast.
  • Calvin is the second Ranger other than Brody to perform the Megazord Finisher. The first being Levi.
  • Calvin is the first Ranger to use the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, followed by Brody and Levi.
  • He shares quirks with Ranger veteran, Tommy Oliver as he is in a relationship with a fellow Ranger, as well as adaptable and sometimes forgetful.
  • In one version of the script, he was going to break up with Hayley and end up with Sarah, but Nico and Zoe fought to change this.[Citation needed]
  • Calvin is the only Ninja Steel Ranger not to have any known family members or relatives.
    • This is something he shares with his Sentai counterpart as Nagi's parents are never mentioned by name.


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