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Cactus Mozoo (サボテンモズー Saboden Mozū, 20,28) is the cactus-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

A Mexican-based Mozoo who likes drinking tequila and playing guitar, planning to create and spread destructive cactus around the world. He is defeated when Goggle Pink uses Pink Heart Hypnosis on him, then masquerades as a Flamenco dancer, which mesmerizes him and was lured with his favorite drink, only to be refused. He is then destroyed with Goggle Victory Flash. Goggle Flash was used before the final blow via of Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.

Cactus Mozoo was among multiple Mozoo nearly revived by Shark Mozoo during a Mozoo revival ceremony stopped by Goggle V.


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He is equipped with a guitar that emits ultrasonic waves and has a machine gun in the handle. He can also both launch spikes and emit stun pollen from his head and his sombrero has a buzz saw in it.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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