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Cactus Evo (サボテンシンカ Sabotenshinka, 29) is the cactus-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Cactus Evo was specifically created by Princess Chimera as part of her revenge plot against the Dynaman after Ryuu Hoshikawa abducts her outfit and it ends up being worn by teammate Rei Tachibana as part of a joke. Using the Evolution Beast's needles and hammer, she creates special straw dolls with her own hair of the five colors of the Dynaman; striking down the Red one, it allows her to hurt anyone wearing her outfit as well as anyone else wearing the color red (which includes Hokuto Dan after he becomes DynaRed), while using the other straw dolls to keep down any other Dynaman who tries to attack while the ones already weakened are down. When Rei fails to show up during an initial battle with the Dynaman, Chimera and Cactus Evo escape and make demands to the team from distance to return her outfit to her or else face the consequences. Rei witnesses this and decides to go to Chimera herself, particularly after she uses the blue doll to weaken Professor Yumeno from holding her back.

Once on the battleground, Cactus Evo strikes all the "Dynaman outfits" to keep the team down even as Rei tries to get the outfit back until Ryuu comes to everyone's rescue wearing a special "white outfit" (a kabuki wig, mask and robe) knowing that no white doll would be created due to the special makeshift white dress Chimera was forced to wear while in this state. After the outfit exchange occurs, the Dynaman make quick work of Cactus Evo and weaken it with Super Dynamite. After undergoing Big Bang Progress, it uses its hammer weapon to hit DynaRobo, facing Dynaman's Beat Hammer who knock it into submission until destroying him with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Cactus Evo possesses a hammer with a six-barreled cannon that can fire needle projectiles, both ordinary needles or poison needles dependent on his scenario; he can also use his hammer to stamp in needles, voodoo dolls, fire body spines that are explosive, and change his size.


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Behind the Scenes

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