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"C.C. Chakko!"
―CC Chakko's first words[src]

"Curse you all!"
―CC Chakko's final words before his death[src]

CC Chakko (チャーチャーチャッコー ChāChā Chakkō, 22)


Bowzock's best bug collector who tried to collect children to be planted and turned into new Bowzock members, including Ichitarou. He managed to use Signalman's need to obey the rules against him, running away at a red light while Signalman forces even Red Racer to wait until the walk light is green. In battle, he could release electrified bug nets and blast lasers from his eyes in the shape of his own bulgy, bug eyes. Trapped RV Robo in a net, until Sirender came to the rescue and killed CC Chakko with the Siren Vulcan.


CC Chakko is Bowzock's best bug collector. He had no problem kidnapping children and he like the idea of turning kids into Bowzocks.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Chakko was brought in as part of a Bowzock's domestication program.  President Gynamo growing tired by some of Bowzocks gangs members quitting so Zelmoda suggest they start their own domestication program after see how Zonnette was able to tame Goki-chan into a member. He kidnapped children from a cram school, as he was told to get smart kids. He planted the kids in experimental bykergrow pots, meant to mutate them, into new members of the Bowzocks. In battle, he could release electrified bug nets and blast lasers from his eyes in the shape of his own bulgy, bug eyes.

Behind the Scenes


  • CC Chakko was voiced by Katsuya Shiga in his very first Super Sentai debut.


  • His motifs are that of a grasshopper and a bug collector.

Concept Art


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