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CB-01 (シービー・ゼロワン Shī Bī Zero Wan, codename ACE) is Red Buster's Buster Vehicle. It can be piloted and can transform into a variety of forms each with its own function, chief of which is CB-01 Ace/Go-Buster Ace.


CB-01 was first deployed in an emergency launch to stop the ShovelZord's attempt to drain an Enetron tank. Piloted by Hiromu Sakurada who joined the Go-Busters as Red Buster for the first time with Cheeda Nick, CB-01 was able to outmanoeuvre the Vaglass MegaZord by utilizing its multiple modes, as well as rescuing endangered civilians in a nearby building. Ultimately, Go-Buster Ace destroyed the ShovelZord with the Buster Slash as Blue Buster and Yellow Buster destroyed the Shovelloid. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 1: Special Mission Task Force, Assemble!

All three Buster Machines would be deployed in the face of the arrival of the BurnerZord. While GT-02 and RH-03 dealt with getting civilians to safety and fighting the fire caused by BurnerZord, the CB-01 Cheetah engaged BurnerZord as it advanced on an Enetron tank, quickly destroying two BugZords which had been summoned to back-up the BurnerZord. Halting BurnerZord's assault on the tank, Go-Buster Ace used its Buster Sword to impale the BurnerZord, leaving it open as a second Buster Sword was transmitted to Go-Buster Ace which, just barely withstanding an intense blast of fire emitted by the BurnerZord, was able to shut down the Vaglass MegaZord with the Buster Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 2: A Promise Made 13 Years Ago

After neutralizing the Needleloid, Red Buster boarded Go-Buster Ace to support GT-02 against the NeedleZord which was attempting to drain it of the Enetron it had collected to restore power to a local hospital. Engaging the NeedleZord, allowing GT-02 to proceed to its mission, Go-Buster Ace took advantage of the enemy MegaZord's slow speed to outmanoeuvre it before destroying NeedleZord with the Buster Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 3: GT-02 Animal, Deployed!


Buster Vehicle CB-01

The Buster Vehicle CB-01 (バスタービークルCB-01 Basutā Bīkuru Shī Bī Zero Wan) is the first of the Buster Vehicles to appear. When in "auto-navigation" mode, it can travel the city on its own. It is docked at the storage bay and launched on its own when Red Buster is already on the scene. It's bumper has a gate to take in Cheeda Nick's bike mode.

Buster Machine CB-01

Once piloted by Cheeda Nick and Red Buster it goes into "interface" mode, with a facsimile of Nick's animal head taking over the grill forming a modified race car, combining the appearance of Cheeda's bike form and the car itself. It is equipped with missiles.

Buster Animal CB-01 Cheetah

It can also transform with Cheeda into an Animal Mode- the CB-01 Cheetah (CB-01チーター Shī Bī Zero Wan Chītā). The Animal Mode can track paths set by Cheeda Nick as well as do powerful pounce and grab attacks. It is equipped with lasers.

Go-Buster Ace/CB-01 Ace

"It's Time for Buster!"
―Finisher announcement via Morphin Brace[src]

To combat villainous MegaZords more effectively, CB-01 can also transform into CB-01 Ace/Go-Buster Ace (CB-01エース/ゴーバスターエース Shī Bī Zero Wan Ēsu/Go-Basutā Ēsu), Red Buster's MegaZord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mission 1: Special Mission Task Force, Assemble! A "0.5 Robo"[1], it is capable of humanoid movement and flight. Using its (disposable) Buster Swords (バスター・ソード Basutā Sōdo), it can "shut down" Vaglass MegaZords. Later in the series, Ace can also perform the stronger Resolution Slash (レゾリューションスラッシュ Rezoryūshon Surasshu), which possesses enough power to bring down a MegaZord Epsilon on its own. It is the first MegaZord to appear on the side of the Go-Busters.

When piloted from base, it can be deployed via its own lift, either in MegaZord mode or vehicle mode.

Gokai Change

In the Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger movie thanks to the Greater Power of the Go-Busters, Go-Buster Ace had the unique opportunity to change into three different Megazords: GekiTohja, Flash King, and RyuseiOh.


A list of mecha combinations which include CB-01:

Second CB-01 Ace

A CB-01 Ace was seen in the Transport Research Center that Yousuke Sakurada "transported" to Hyper Space. It became the Vaglass base. Since only the children and Buddy Roids made it off the facility, it could mean that there was a CB-01 in Hyper Space in the possession of Vaglass. However, it was never brought up during the series.


Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Go-Buster Ace as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

  • Profile
Go-Buster Ace: to be added

ToQ-Oh Go-Buster Ace

Main article: Ressha Gattai ToQ-Oh

ToQ-Oh Go-Buster Ace is the ToQgers' version of Go-Buster Ace which is formed when the CB-01-based Go-Busters Ressha replaces Red Ressha in ToQ-Oh. It is currently exclusive to the toyline.

Go-Busters Ressha

Go-Busters Ressha

Main article: Go-Busters Ressha

The Go-Busters Ressha is the Legend Sentai ToQ Ressha associated with the Go-Busters, based on CB-01. It can replace Red Ressha in ToQ-Oh to form ToQ-Oh Go-Buster Ace. It is currently exclusive to the toyline.

Behind the scenes


Go-Buster Ace is portrayed by suit actor Kosuke Asai (浅井 宏輔 Asai Kōsuke).


  • Production materials, including the official website, refer to the vehicle as CB-01 Cheetah. However, the show makes the distinction that the Cheetah is only used for the Buster Animal mode. Also the materials refer to "Ace" as "Go-Buster Ace" while the show refers to it simply as "CB-01 Ace". The labels were specified in the first episode.
  • CB-01 is the only Buster Machine that has four interchangeable modes; namely Vehicle Mode, Machine Mode, Animal Mode, and MegaZord Mode.

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