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C-Squad is the middle rank of cadet at SPD.

In his attempt to ask Kat Manx when he and his fellow B-Squad cadets would become Rangers like the A-Squad, Bridge Carson clarified that he was not insinuating that there was anything wrong with being B-Squad, or indeed C-Squad or D-Squad. Beginnings

Shattered Grid

In the Shattered Grid multiverse's SPD timeline, the C-Squad cadets were easily defeated when pitted against their B-Squad seniors in combat strategy drills; while their academic scores were off the charts, they lacked in fighting aptitude. Soon after, the two Squads were forced to fall back under their commander Anubis Cruger when SPD was subjected to an attack by Lord Drakkon and his Ranger Sentries, whom had teleported from another reality. One C-Squad cadet, an insectoid alien named Konchu, provided a vital contribution by utilizing its swarm of insects to pick the lock to manually open a blast door which allowed R.I.C. 3.Ω to enter the fray and turn the tide against Drakkon's army, forcing them to retreat. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

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