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Butterfly Evo (チョウシンカ Chōshinka, 8) is the butterfly-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Butterfly Shinka's scheme involved the control of butterflies to attack flowers to gather their life energy to implant within a special man-eating plant that the Jashinka wished to cultivate. Initially the scheme had it working under Prince Megiddo, but it was transferred over to Princess Chimera when she returned to assist the Jashinka cause. The Dynaman use a flower that a flower-loving girl gave Nangou to lure the butterflies into one area and capture them in order to prevent any more flowers from being attacked, but Butterfly Shinka responded by capturing the girl and preparing to make her into the plant's first meal. DynaRed attacks the Jashinka party before she can be thrown in, ultimtaely leading to Gira and Geel to be eaten instead. The Butterfly Shinka held off the Dynaman after their short battle with Chimera before they use their DynaRods to weaken it to be struck by Super Dynamite. After the Evolution Beast undergoes Big Bang Process, Dan uses DynaMach to shoot it out of the sky initially before forming DynaRobo, but the team has a hard time until they weaken it enough to use Lightning Gravity Fall to destroy it.


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Modus and Arsenal

Aside from bombs, Butterfly Shinka's main ability is the creation of multiple rainbow butterflies which are used to confuse and blind opponents as well as be used as acidic projectiles. It can also capture and control butterflies to do his bidding, emit explosive flashes from his eyes, move at superhuman speeds, change his size, fly, and emit a stun powder from the torso.


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Behind the Scenes

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