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Butarugin (ブタルギン Butarugin) (18,41) is the pig-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Butarugin is brought in by Dongoros after he is particularly chided out by Meadow for constantly failing in Zone's conquests of Earth. Giving him 100,000 Dolyun in order to act to fight Fiveman, he goes and faces them while trying to partake in any money within Earth society in the process. Kazumi ultimately faces him and becomes hurt when trying to protect a greedy student more interested in money than anything else, breaking her arm in the process. Regardless of the attack, FivePink continues to try and go out to protect the student, even after his own greed (and possibly the Galactic Warrior's influence) changes him into a pig-like creature. After the boy finally renounces saving money for the sake of having it, Kazumi crushes Butarugin with her Cutie Circle before Fiveman defeat him with the Earth Cannon. After Dongoros summons Gorlin #16 to absorb and make a large version, FivePink takes control of FiveRobo and easily defeats the giant Galactic Warrior.


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  • While its main ability is its tough fighting power and strength, it only comes about whenever Butarugin possesses money or valuables of monetary value within itself as "payment"; once he partakes of it, he can continue to run until the value runs out, making him become slow and lazy again without it. He also uses a rake as a weapon and may be associated with an ability to turn anyone greedy like itself into a pig-like creature.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Butarugin's gluttony (for money) and usage of a rake weapon refers to Zhu Bajie, the pig-like character from the novel Journey to the West


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