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"Buster Machine, Hasshin se yo!" (バスターマシン、発進せよ! Basutāmashin, Hasshin Seyo!) is the insert theme for the Buster Vehicles.


Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Kono red body mita naraba caution
Fudou no security error wo delete

Tokumei complete!
Sadamerareta CB-01, Go-Buster Ace!
Maximum ni kasoku
Sekinetsu shutdown, Vagras wo sakujou!

Aohimeta toushi,
Moegi no gekijou
Sore ga Buddyroid, inochi wo tsunaide

Tokumei complete!
GT-02, RH-03, Buster Machines, shutsudou!
Gyakushuu ni wa
Teppeki no barrier de
Megazord shoukyo!

Dokyuu no susabu arashi
Obie hanenokeru
Kizuna buddy-tachi ga
Ou no wa muteki!

Tokumei Gattai!
It’s Go-Buster Oh! Limiter koero!
Somebody, stop me!
Omaera nado knockdown!
Tsukame shinseiki!

Go-Busters, go go go!
Buster Machines, go go go!

Take caution when you see its red body
Its impenetrable security will delete all errors!

Mission complete!
Thanks to CB-01, Go-Buster Ace!
At maximum speed
Its blazing shutdowns will delete the Vagras!

With fierce blue determination,
and bright yellow passion
The Buddyroids place their lives in your hands

Mission complete!
GT-02, RH-03! Buster Machines, launch!
They’ll lead the counterattack!
With their impregnable barriers,
They’ll purge the Megazords!

The behemoth calls forth the storm,
All doubts are cast away
Because with their buddies at their side,
None can stand against them!

Operative Combination!
It’s Go-Buster Oh! Surpassing all its limits!
Somebody try and stop me!
We’ll knock down all opposition!
And secure this new age!

Go-Busters, go go go!
Buster Machines, go go go!

Romanized and translated by Magenta [1]

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