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"Hagakuren! At your beck and call!"
―Bushido Psyma Beast Hagakuren's first words.

"My life......shall go on into the next Catastrophiend Beast!"
―Bushido Psyma Beast Hagakuren's final words before its death.

Bushido Psyma Beast Hagakuren (武士道サイマ獣ハガクレン Bushidō Saimajū Hagakuren, 38) is a Psyma Beast under Dragon Dark King Salamandes.

The Infinity Chain Card


Hagakuren is the second Psyma Beast used by Pierre as part of his Infinity Chain Card plot, absorbing GoGoFive's moves in order to make a Psyma Beast which was invincible. During their initial encounter with him, he proved his invincibility against both the V-Lancers and Go-Blasters due to being absorbed in the Garubaria fight; but Shou is able to use the V-Mode Brace to stun the Psyma Beast in the eye, both hurting him and giving yet another immunity for future usage as he escapes.

Reappearing later after recovering, Shou tries the tactic again but it fails due to the power of the Infinity Chain Card. When GoGoFive seems to appear to have no means to fight against him, a man Shou was helping reunite with his grandmother overhears Pierre talking about the card and tells them to use something they have not used yet. Realizing the team still has a trump card, Shou summons the Life Bird, stunning the monster with the separate parts and then hitting it for destruction with the Calamity Breaker (while getting his data absorbed as well)

After Pierre enlarges the monster, GoGoFive attempts to use Victory Mars but fail to harm him due to previous absorptions. Switching to a combo of Max Victory Robo and the Grand Liner, they hit him with a Max Nova/Grand Storm combo, destroying Hagakuren but likewise completing the Infinity Chain Card, allowing for the potential of Pierre's next Psyma Beast to become invincible.


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Powers and Abilities


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His main form of combat is the usage of a sickle for short and long range attacks. However due to the effects of the Infinity Chain Card, he also gains the ability to deflect any move previously used and absorbed by the card up to that time or during his battle.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Baira's design is based off of a mantis.

Concept Art


  • Hagakuren's name comes from the book Hagakure.


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