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"Ha ha! Let's light 'em up!"
―Burnertron's first words upon being created. [src]
"What? Aaaah!"
―Burnertron's final words before his death[src]

Burnertron is a candle-themed monster in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


A candle being infected to create Burnertron.

Character History

Burnertron was created by Roxy from a candle to help her fight Devon in Red Fury Mode before trying to give him a Fury Cell. However, Devon snatched it using his super speed and was able to recharge his armor so Burnertron joined Roxy in the attack. He and Roxy were thrashed by the more powerful Red Ranger and Roxy teleported herself and Burnertron away. He later returned to Earth, along with Roxy, with two assignments, to get Devon to use the last Fury Cell to become evil and collect the final Beast Power Data.

Burnertron was an extremely strong monster, proving to be virtually impossible to defeat until his head candle was put out by Nate and Steel. He was finally destroyed when Zoey, Steel and Nate used their Beast-X Blaster and Striker Morphers to combine their Beast Blast and Striker Beast Blast finishers to destroy Burnertron for good. However, the data chip was still intact and Roxy later retrieved it.


Burnertron was an extremely cocky and arrogant monster, mainly because of how remarkably powerful he proved to be.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Burnertron is remarkably powerful when it comes to raw strength, being able to knock Zoey, Steel, and Nate down with only one slash delivered to each.
  • Durability: Burnertron has very thick skin (and possibly armour) that made Devon's energised Cheetah Claws do very little actual damage.
  • Speed: Burnertron is surprisingly fast, being able to dodge the Striker Beast Slash, although this did manage to extinquish his head flame.


  • Arm Blade: Burnertron has a big yellow blade that resembles a candlestick's wick for a left arm that he can use in combat.
  • Lance: Buenertron can summon a big Lance similar to a candlestick to use in combat.
    • Energy Deflection: Burnertron can deflect energy blasts away from him using his candlestick lance, as shown when he did this to the Striker Morphers.



  • This Robotron's name isn't mentioned in the episode itself, rather it is listed in the credits as Burnertron.
  • Burnertron can be considered the first Robotron to be created from an object that does not have metal of any sorts in them as candles are made of wax and rope.
  • His creation is the second instance in which an infected object remains after a Robotron is created from them.

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