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"Burn! Burn! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Burnerloid's first words when attacking Tokyo.[src]

"Go-Busters! Do you guys want to burn too?!"
―Burnerloid when confronted by the Go-Busters.[src]

"Let go!"
―Burnerloid when restrained by Yoko and Ryuji as well as his final words before his death.[src]

Burnerloid (バーナーロイド, Bānāroido) was the flame themed Metaloid.


Burnerloid is created by Enter when he uses the "Burn" ("Moyasu") MetaVirus to infect a gas cylinder. Its properties are uploaded onto a MegaZord Alpha in order to create BurnerZord. He is first seen rampaging around Tokyo, burning cars and buildings until the Go-Busters arrive on the scene. Burnerloid tries to burn Hiromu but he uses his super speed before morphing only to be overwhelmed by Burnerloid. However, Ryuji proves to be a match for him with his strength. In spite of this, he is knocked away but Yoko jumps in and twirls him down before punching him several times. He throws her off and tried to fry her but Hiromu stops him with his Ichigan Buster. With the others distracting Burnerloid with the blasters, Ryuji summons his Ichigan Blade and takes on Infernotron, easily knocking him back. Ryuji and Yoko then grab Burnerloid's arms and hold him in place long enough for Devon to destroy him with the Ichigan Buster Special Buster Mode a few minutes before the BurnerZord arrives.


Burnerloid was a cocky, arrogant, and rebellious thug-like Metaloid who enjoyed burning things, once referring to himself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Burnerloid was able to knock Hiromu back with one hit to the helmet from his tank arm and stop Ryuji from throwing him to the ground.
  • Armor: Burnerloid was able to shrug off an energy slash from Ryuji's Ichigan Blade right up his front and not even stumble as well as multiple shots from Ichigan Busters with barely a reaction.


  • Flamethrower: Burnerloid could launch out long streams of purple flames from the gas tank on his left arm.
    • Flame Whip:Burnerzord could also whip out fumes of purple fire from his tank arm when being swung around.


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  • Fist: Burnerloid had a normal right fist to fight his opponents with.


  • Identification Number: B-07
    • Label Location: Left shoulder
  • Install Virus: MOYASU
    • Label Location: Left forearm
  • Production Motif: Gas cylinder

Behind the Scenes



Concept Art


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  • Preceeding his on-screen appearance, Burnerloid was featured in the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Premiere Meeting event. Leading a quartet of Buglars, Burnerloid invaded the Prism Hall at Tokyo Dome City only to be stopped by the three Go-Busters.


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