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Burnerdrone is a Gigadrone Alpha Model, created from the data of Burnertron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Burnerdrone was sent down by Scrozzle to melt a Morph-X Tower and drain the Morph-X from it. It was intercepted by Devon and his Racer Zord which easily stopped its attacks with its Rapid Blast. However, Burnerdrone launched two Gigatronics to hold Devon at bay while it set fire to the Morph-X Tower and waited for the flames to burn through to the containment tank. Luckily, Devon changed the Racer Zord into its Cheetah Mode to quickly destroy the Gigatronics with its eye beams before assuming Battle Mode to combat Burnerdrone. Before Devon could finish off Burnerdrone though, Nate and Steel arrived in their Striker Megazord. Devon let them do the finishing move (as a way of making up for messing up their attempt to finish off Burnertron earlier) and Burnerdrone was destroyed by the Striker Hyper Blast. The Striker Megazord then extinguished the fire on the Morph-X Tower.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gigatronics Launching: Burnerdrone could launch two Gigatronics out of pods on its back to assist it in battle.


  • Bladed Candlewick: Burnerdrone wields a golden candlewick like blade in his left hand
  • Flamethrower: Burnerdrone has a large flamethrower for a right hand that can spray its enemies with fire.

Behind the Scenes


  • This Gigadrone is not voiced by anyone. This begins a continuous trend where all Gigadrones from this one onwards is completely silent.
    • This does not count Antennadrone as the start of the trend since, although they didn't make human sounds, the two Tubadrones made trumpet sounds and were therefore not silent.


  • This Gigadrone's name is based on conjecture on its Robotron counterpart, Burnertron, whose name was not mentioned in the episode itself, rather in the episode's credits.

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