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""We've detected an incoming Gigadrone. It's headed for Tower number five.""
Grid Battleforce's communications expert contacting Commander Shaw about Bulldozerdrone.[src]

Bulldozerdrone is the final Delta Model Gigadrone created from the data of Bulldozertron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Season 2.

Character History

After Blaze, Roxy and their Tronics were destroyed by Steel, Scrozzle appeared and overheard from Commander Shaw that Morph-X Tower 5 was full of Morph-X and unguarded. Needing the fuel because Shaw was having it all transferred back into the Morphin Grid, Scrozzle decided to create Bulldozerdrone. However, Devon needed to talk to Doctor K about restoring his father so the other 4 were sent to deal with the Gigadrone alone. The Beast-X King Zord, Wheeler Zord, and Chopper Zord were all sent into battle and formed the new Beast-X King Megazord. They easily overwhelmed it with the Megazord's sheer power and destroyed it with the Beast-X King Hyper Beam.


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Powers and abilities

  • Durability: Bulldozerdrone took a slash from the Beast-X King Megazord's saber straight to the head but barely reacted.


  • Bulldozer Arms: Bulldozerdrone has massive plough like arms that he can use to slam into its enemies like Bulldozertron could.


  • Oddly, although Deltadrone is the first Delta Model Gigadrone to directly use the data of a Robotron, Bulldozerdrone's counterpart was actually the first in Go-Busters since DomeZord Delta originally appeared four episodes after BulldozerZord.
    • This was due to adapting the 40th episode of Go-Busters first to "tie into" the now-2021 Japan Olympics.
  • Bulldozerdrone is the final Gigadrone Delta Model of the entire season.

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