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An Org Spirit acquiring a bulldozer, Bulldozer Org possessed great physical strength and a strong liking for deforestation, wandering aimlessly through the Sacred Forest until the Dukes ran into him by accident. Deciding to use him, TsueTsue enlarged Bulldozer Org to attack the Gaorangers while they were looking for the Kage Mushroom to heal GaoLion. Bulldozer Org manages to overpower the Power Animals until GaoGorilla arrives and manhandles the Org. Bulldozer Org is then the first to be killed by GaoMuscle. The Org was briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, only to be killed for good by Red Falcon's Falcon Break.



  • Bulldozer Org was designed by character designer Keiichi Sato.

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