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Bulk and Skull along with Skull's son Spike at the finale of Super Samurai

Bulk and Skull (real names Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch) are the first comedy relief duo in the Power Rangers franchise.

Familial heritage and origin

Bulk and Skull may well have been destined to be friends as evidenced by the Power Rangers' encounter with doppelganger duos in two past eras of Angel Grove.

Bulk and Skull first met in the maternity ward at the hospital where they were born. Every time Bulk cried, Skull cried too - and because of the noise they were isolated for all the other babies. The two have been constate companions ever since.[1]

Other Comedy Relief Duos in Power Rangers


The duo remained on the series as regulars from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers in Space, appearing in nearly every episode through Power Rangers Turbo, though would be absent in the following episodes:


  • The only episode that didn't feature Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers Zeo, "The Power of Gold", was also the only episode of that season to feature none of the supporting cast besides Alpha 5 and Zordon. This is due to being too focused on introducing the first Gold Ranger to contain a B-Plot.
  • In Space had them appearing in only 13 of its 43 episodes, making the other 30 the most they've been absent.
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