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Built for Speed is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Two members of Adam's 1950s stunt show take their characters too seriously and after being humiliated prepare to have a drag race at Angel Grove Bluff. Divatox has the Demon Racer Monster plant a detonator in one of the cars and has him make sure to keep the Power Rangers from finding it. Demon Racer challenges Adam to a drag race with the prize being he'll tell Adam where the detonator is. Now the Green ranger Must outrace Demon racer before the car Explodes.


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  • The uncredited actor who played one of the drag racers, Robert, would return in a later Turbo episode, "The Rival Rangers", as a new school student called Bobby.
  • Skull references his and Bulk's numerous failed attempts to find out who the Power Rangers were in all of the second season of Mighty Morphin.
  • The Rangers teleport in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red. It's the color sequence when they morph.
  • The instrumental of "Combat" is featured in this episode during Adam's race with the first Demon Racer.
  • The eye prop used for Ocusect in Masked Rider can be seen.
  • This is the first time Dimitria speaks in a sentence that is not a question.


  • On the Green Turbo cart, it was labeled "Carranger".
  • At the end of the episode, Divatox said the detonator was deactivated. However it actually blew up but didn't hurt or kill anyone
  • When the team morphs to help Adam, Tommy goes before Justin instead of it being the other way around.
  • During Tanya and Justin’s morph, there is a visible metallic object present in the lower part of the screen.


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