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A Drawing of Bugglrsworth

"Bugglesworth is my name. Trouble is my game."
"This can't be happening! Uh-oh!"
―Bugglesworth's final words before he is imprisoned[src]
Bugglesworth robot

Bugglesworth is a Cthulhu-like monster drawing of Mora's, which is brought to life to trick Sam, a boy with the power to teleport - into using them for evil. Bugglesworth has the ability to turn humans into dolls. He is brought down by the Red Ranger who confines him for life in a containment card, after he pilots a  giant robot, which is destroyed by the Delta Squad Megazord. Bugglesworth is later cloned by Slate and Morgana, but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer.



Bugglesworth is a pure troublemaker at heart. He is also manipulative, as he (along with Cindy Sunshine) was able to convince Sam into doing the dirty work. He's shown to also be a coward, as he recoiled in fear when Mora threatened him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Blasts: Bugglesworth can shoot plasma blasts from his fingertips.


  • Doll Staff: Bugglesworth carries a massive staff which possesses the ability to turn living beings into dolls. If the victims remain dolls for too long, they are permanently trapped in this state.


  • Assault
  • Kidnapping


  • In the video game for the Game Boy Advance, Bugglesworth is incorrectly referred to as Detagor.

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