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[[Category:Rinshi beasts]]
[[Category:Rinshi beasts]]
[[Category:Jungle Fury Monsters]]
[[Category:Jungle Fury Monsters]]
[[Category:Animal-themed Villains]]

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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

Buffalord is the second upgraded Rinshi to battle the rangers. He has the spirit of the buffalo. He has tremendous strength. But he was ultimately defeated by Casey after learning a few new techniques, and later defeated by the Jungle Pride Megazord's Savage Kick.

Buffalord alongside Slickagon and Pangolin played along in the game show "Blow That Dough" against the Rangers. He beat the Dominic Hargan when he answered the question on what Dai Shi's spirit was imprisoned in. Buffalord technically won in a question against Casey, but was deleted soon after by Casey upon seizing Cheese McAllister's remote control.Don't Blow That Dough

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