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Buffalo Monster (バッファロー怪人 Baffarō Kaijin) is the fifth of Egos' Monsters.


His mission was to hunt down a resigned defense department official, whos' own family was abducted by Egos. In exchange of his family's safety, he must confirm when Battle Fever's Robot is finished. Buffalo Monster was the first Egos Monster to have a giant robot version of himself. Buffalo Robot is the name of his own robot, whom Buffalo Monster refers to as his "younger brother". Buffalo Monster has a large cutlass sword and his horns can act like boomerangs. Buffalo Robot had a cutlass that could fire an energy ray and was able to fly.


  • Buffalo Monster has the distinction of being the first monster in Super Sentai to become giant in some form.


  • Buffalo Monster were designed by character designer Muneo Kubo.
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