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Bubuka (ブブカ Bubuka) is a Space Beast member of the Booba Space Pirates, ultimately allying with the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast member of the Booba Space Pirates, working alongside fellow space pirate Jill. He wears a tough samurai-like armor and weilds a spear in combat. Bubuka and Jill arrive on Earth to protect Booba from Giluke, who had been given permission by Bazoo to change him into a Space Beast. However with the dissent between the Gozma warriors and the death of Jill, Bubuka ends up being forced by Bazoo to fight the Changeman while separating his other forces from each other. Bubuka's armor is destroyed by the "Dengeki Victory Beam" attack before he is killed by a Power Bazooka. After Gyodai rebuilds him, he uses his spear in combat while a giant, but the Change Sword of Change Robo makes easy work of him.Ep. 48: The Pirate Booba's Storm of Love


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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