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"Check the chains and double check the locks."

Brunt is a robotic monster and general of Scorpius. He was hired by his master to capture the legendary Galactabeasts and bring them to him. He serves as one of two main antagonists of the episode "Race to the Rescue".


Brunt served Scorpius and was hired by his master to capture the legendary Galactabeasts and bring them to him. Brunt possessed an army of Stingwingers in his disposal and he successfully captured Galactabeasts. He kep the creatures in the enormous steel building, clad with chains. However, Maya heard the call of Galactabeasts through the galaxy and Galaxy Rangers came to rescue them. Maya distracted Brunt, while her friends Leo and Damon freed the fantastic beasts. Brunt summoned Stingwingers to battle the rangers, but Power Rangers defeated them, even despite the aid of Radster, and Brunt was horrified and left. When he returned to his master, Scorpius punished Brunt for his failure and Brunt fled from Scorpion Stinger and was never heard again. Before his failure, he wanted Scorpius to make him general like Furio or take Furio's place

Brunt is presumed destroyed off-screen by Scorpius, for his failure, or by Furio to that Scorpius forgets for a time his failures against the Rangers. Race to the Rescue


Brunt was determined and intelligent individual. He was loyal to Scorpius and loyally did all his orders. However, his service was unprofitable as he was destroyed by his own Master for his failure.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Skilled Fighter
  • Energy Blasts

Behind The Scenes




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