This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Brunt is a monster hired by Scorpius to kidnap the Galactabeasts on their planet. His endeavor succeeded, but would later be thwarted by Maya, who distracted him long enough for the other Galaxy Rangers to join her, Leo Corbett and Damon Henderson's efforts to free the Galactabeasts. Scorpius punished him for failing him, he fled from the Scorpion Stinger in tears and he was never heard from again. Before he failed, he had hoped that Scorpius would reward his aid by making him a general, perhaps like Furio, or to take Furio's place. As he did fail, this never happened.

Brunt is presumed destroyed off-screen by Scorpius, for his failure, or by Furio to that Scorpius forgets for a time his failures against the Rangers. Race to the Rescue



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