This article is about a/an grunt/foot soldier army in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The Bruisers are the elite foot soldiers of The Armada and are considerably stronger than the X Borgs. Bruisers wielded dual energy cannons in their arms, and can also transform into cycles or jet fighters for aerial combat. Unlike their mindless predecessors, the Loogies, the Bruisers can think and act on their own. They are also fiercely loyal to the members of their army, sometimes going as far as willingly sacrificing themselves to protect their superiors, as it happened to Skatana and Peluso. Bruisers are commonly enlarged with the generals and commanders of the Armada for an extra reinforcement in giant battles.

Emperor Mavro is always bodyguarded by two red Bruisers known as the Royal Guards.


Hundreds of them were sent on Earth alongside thousands of X Borgs, when the Armada arrived shortly after the Mega Rangers destroyed the Messenger. Half of them marched with the X Borgs on the surface, while the other half flew with the fleet, descending from the sky and attacking the city. End Game (Megaforce) An army of hundreds of Bruisers, and thousands of X Borgs, would later fight against the Legendary Power Rangers in the Mega War. Legendary Battle

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