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Bruce Ee (ブルーサ・イー Burūsa Ī) was the man who created the Beast Fist martial arts style, a master of the Fierce Beast Rhinoceros Fist style who once battled Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac I in a 200-day long battle, barely winning and gaining Pachacamac's respect in the form of two jewels that together could reveal the secret moves of Cosmic Kenpō.

Later on, Bruce took under his wing ten students, who in time became the Fist Sages and the Three Fist Demons. While having the seven as his students, Bruce appreciated Sha-Fu's abilities and hoped to someday pass his title as Beast Fist master to him. However, Sha-Fu turned down the offer and asked Bruce to name Maku as his heir. The fact that he picked Maku not on his skills but on another's behalf led to Bruce's murder at the hands of Maku and the other Kenmas, resulting in the Fierce-Confrontational Rebellion that created the two opposing branches of the Beast Fist style.

Though dead, Bruce Ee's spirit, the Geki Soul, remained and later entered what Sha-Fu later carved into SaiDain. His motto is "Don't think, feel it", which Sha-Fu took to heart, as well as Ken and Jan. When SaiDain's Beast Power Bloom is activated, it not only empowered the Gekirangers, it also empowered Mele and Rio, showing that Bruce looks favorably on both branches of the Beast Fist his students had created.


  • Bruce Ee's name is based on Bruce Lee (ブルース・リー Burūsu Rī).


Bruce is voiced by Shoma Kai (甲斐 将馬 Kai Shōma).


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