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Brothers In Arms is the twenty-fifth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


A motocross mechanic's experiment goes haywire, and he wreaks havoc as Motodrone. Hunter defeats him with his new Ninja Glider Cycle.


When Hunter's bike breaks down in the middle of a race, expert mechanic Perry fixes it up in time. Turns out Perry is into some pretty freaky experiments in his workshop. Moments later, Motodrone shows up and causes trouble for the Rangers. He trashes them, and kidnaps Hunter for use in his plan. When Hunter awakens in captivity, he discovers that Perry is Motodrone, only he doesn't realize it. When the Rangers figure out that Perry is Motodrone, they go to the workshop and call him out. Cam and Blake sneak in and free Hunter, and also discovers that Hunter's powers were imprinted onto a bike. Outside, the Rangers are being overwhelmed by Zurgane, Kelzacks, and Motodrone. Hunter comes to the rescue on his brand new Ninja Glider Cycle. He transforms it into flight mode to save Blake and destroy Motodrone. Out of the wreckage, they find Perry, who has little recollection of what happened. On Lothor's ship, Motodrone's parts have been reassembled and reanimated.



  • Marah and Kapri make up a story about knowing "Motodrone" before he introduces himself to the Rangers; it is unknown if or when he got the name prior.


  • This marks the first appearance of Motodrone.

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