This article is about a/an ranger in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.

Britt is Serge's sister and the Red Ranger of the All-New Power Rangers chosen by Kimberly Ann Hart to help her fight against Verto.

Character History

Britt was kidnapped by Goldar and Verto in order to convince Serge to lure Kimberly, Zack, and Trini into the cave so they could steal the Sword of Light to power Typhonis. She and her brother find out that the three are rangers and promise to keep their secret. Later while the rangers fight the Fish Monsters, Serge and Britt help the other trapped citizens escape the cave. Later, Kimberly chooses Britt to become the new Red Ranger while Serge becomes the Blue Ranger.

All-New Red Ranger

Ranger costume

Though not a Ranger initially, Kimberly uses the Sword of Light to transfer some of Zordon's powers and residual Red Ranger energy onto her, making her an all-new Ranger.


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Behind the Scenes

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