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""I've been waiting for you. Ema Goldini.""
―Brez Arenishka's first words (as a human) when confronting said woman in a hallway to try and grab a pendant.[src]
""I don't know what's going on here but...!""
―Brex when breaking free with the Patrangers and before shooting them with lightning as well as his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""You three?""
―Brez reacting to the Lupinrangers after they leapt through a window to confront him.[src]
""They really did beat all of us!""
―Final words before Death His final words are in reference to how many clones he produced.[src]

Brez Arenishka (ブレッツ・アレニシカ Burettsu Arenishika) is a deer-themed Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, equipped with the "The Electric Storm/L’Orage électrique" piece from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Brez Arenishka's head is an orange and yellow robotic deer head, his brown antlers make a circle, his neck is green with red leaves on both sides, and his belly is orange with a Gangler safe in it. He has green shoulders with white antlers, his deer hooves have red leaves, and underneath the deer hooves are black hands. He wears green pants and the antlers make the pelvis on the green pants, his feet are orange deer feet, and the green and orange legs have red leaves on it. His weapons the Shikaliburs are a pair of white swords shaped like antlers.

Character History

Brez Arenishka first appeared when confronting Ema Goldini in a hallway as she transported a pendant at which point he transformed into his monster form and knocked out her guards. However, the Lupinrangers then interfered (seeing as they had been watching the delivery to steal it themselves) and fought him. Ema tried to escape down a life and, although Brez managed to force open the doors, Umika and Touma held him down long enough for Kairi to enter the lift and close it. Brez managed to get inside and a short battle esued, continuing outside of the lift at which point he revealed Kairi was a thief and Ema fled. Being too busy fighting Kairi to pursue, Brez then summoned Pondermen to go after her as the other Lupinrangers arrived. However, the Patrangers (who arrived after a security guard outside of the building called the Global Police) intervened and gunned down the Pondermen which allowed Brez to escape when he unleashed a large wave of green lightning.

Later on, he attacked a museum by entering in his human form and found a necklace which he wanted to steal at which point he changed into monster form and forced everyone to flee. However, the Patrangers had been lying in wait and took him on before quickly morphing at which point the Lupinrangers (minus Kairi who was trying to get Ema to hand over the pendant) arrive and they all fight. The fight eventually led outside with Keiichiro taking on Brez and his comrades fighting the Lupinrangers. Keiichiro managed to knock him down but he was seemingly taken out by the Biker Surpression Shot, supposedly destroying his part of the Lupin Collection and dooming the loved ones of the Lupinrangers to death. Number 9: In Order to Meet Again

However, the next day, he was shown to be alive and was pursued by the Patrangers before he changed into his true form and took them on. They quickly morphed and overpowered him and restrained him. At the same time however, Zamigo Delma (the one who killed the Lupinrangers' loved ones) was in the building and the distraction allowed him to break free. Unfourtnately, the revelation that he was who killed thier friends and family reunited the Lupinrangers who morphed indomitably and Umika and Touma fought Brez and the Patrangers whilst Kairi fought Zamigo. However, when Touma tried to unlock his safe, he duplicated himself and the fake was destroyed by the VS Changers at which point they realised that this was how he survived since he duplicated and teleported. Tokuma restrained Brez and Umika managed to get into the safe seconds before he was destroyed by the Mega-Bo Refual To Comply Strike.

The Patrangers tried to get it back but Goche arrived and make Brez grow. After Kairi had defeated Zamigo using his new upgrade, the team regrouped and Good Striker appeared. They then summoned thier Dial Fighters and formed LupinKaiser. Brez then split into 100 versions of himself so they summoned the Blade and Scissor Fighters and formed LupinKaiser Knight. Brez attempted to fight back but LupinKaiser Knight easily overpowered all of them so forced themselves back into the original body. They then finished Brez Arenishka off with the Good Striker; Hack 'Em Up Slash.


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Powers and Abilities

Brez Arenishka's human form

Brez Arenishka as a cleaner

  • Strength-Brez Arenishka is an very strong creature, being able to force open lift doors to get at Ema when she tried to flee down one and smashing a bulletproof glass case around a necklace with a light thump of his hand.
  • Durability-Brea Arenishka shrugged off two volleys of laser blasts from the VS Changers without getting a scratch and was completely unfazed.
  • Duplication-Brez can split himself up multiple times which is how he survived the Biker Surpression Shot. It is unclear whether this was a power granted by his piece of the Lupin Collection or if he already had this power. As shown during his Zord battle, he can make at least 100 of himself at any given time.
  • Ponderman Summoning-Brez can summon Pondermen to aid him in battle which was shown when he sent some after Ema.
  • Human Disguise: Like every Gangler Monster, Brez Arenishka has the special ability to disguise himself as a cleaner to hunt for treasures.
  • Electricity Generation: Due to the The Electric Storm/L’Orage électrique  treasure equipped within his safe, Brez Arenishka can generate green electricity from the front of his safe.
  • Duplication: Brez Arenishka's innate, specialist ability where he is able to create clone bodies of himself to escape from being destroyed or to prevent his piece of the Lupin Collection from being taken away. While he can also use his clone bodies as a distraction to his tactical advantage, it is also difficult for the clone bodies to re-merge.
  • Agility-During the fight outside of the museum, Brez was swept off of his feet by Keiichiro but came back to his feet whilst his legs remained impossibly straight.


  • Shikaliburs (シッカリバー Shikkaribā): In battle, Brez Arenishka wields a pair of swords shaped like antlers which can block blasts from the VS Changers.
    • Energy Empowerment-Brez can charge up his Shikacaliburs with golden energy and swing them to unleash a golden energy wave.
    • Lightning Blasts-Brez Arenishka can charge up his Shikacalibres with green lightning and fire it forth with enough power to obliterate all remaining Pondermen with a single blast.


  • Height: 194 cm (Giant:48.5 m)
  • Weight: 213 kg (Giant:532.5 tons)
  • Criminal Record: Jewel Robbery, assault,
  • Lupin Collection: L’Orage électrique Battery
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password Number: 3-8-8

Behind the Scenes


Brez Arenishka was voiced & played by Takashi Shigematsu (重松 隆志 Shigematsu Takashi).[1]


Both his name and the name of his weapon contain a pun on the Japanese word for deer (鹿 Shika). "Brez" may be derived from blitz, the German word for lightning, referencing his electrical powers.


Brez Arenishka concept

concept art


TV Asahi's Page on Berz Arenishka

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