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Breaking Black is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. This episode delves into Chase's past. It also shows the debut of the Para Zord, making way for the Dino Charge Megazord's third configuration, the Para-Raptor Formation.


When a Maori fortune teller asks Chase for help guarding her shop from a potential thief, Chase is happy to help, but falls under the spell of Sledge's latest monster, Spellbinder. The rest of the Rangers must quickly figure out how to help break Spellbinder's hold on Chase before their friend is lost to them forever.


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Dino Chargers


  • When the Rangers morph and use Dino Steel, they, Spellbinder, Wrench, and Curio inexplicably appear outside of the warehouse they'd all been in. As soon as the fight starts, they all appear to be back inside the warehouse.


  • The title is a reference to the famous AMC series "Breaking Bad".
  • This episode is the first episode where an auxiliary Charger is used on-screen.

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