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Yanasanta! Deboss’ World War (ヤナサンタ!デーボスせかいけっせん Yanasanta! Dēbosu Sekai Kessen) is the forty-first episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. It is the first part of the two part Christmas arc.


Dogold’s newest Monster, Debo Yanasanta, will distribute presents containing Deboss’ cells all over the world. Many Deboss clones will be born from this and they will clone from themselves even more.


On Christmas Eve, Daigo helps Nobuharu and an excited Utsusemimaru with decorating a shopping center. He later meets up with Souji as he trains with Torin, who tells them that Earth has a melody of its own while noticing a light shining from the land near by. Before Torin can explain about the land's light, the Kyoryugers see Deboth appearing and are barely able to destroy him with Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin this time around. The Kyoryugers later learn that the Deboth they fought is actually a clone created by lame toys that respond to angry children. At the Frozen Castle, after showing concern for Chaos's health, Dogold tells Chaos that he and his creation Debo Yantasanta will begin the next phase of their plan. As Christmas Eve begins in Japan, more Clone Deboth appear in Tokyo, Beijing, London, New York, and Hawaii. The Kyoryugers sortie out: Kyoryu Red takes Spinodai-Oh to Tokyo; Kyoryu Gold, Kyoryu Black, and Kyoryu Green head to Beijing in Pteraiden-Oh Western; Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Pink head to London in Kyoryuzin; Kyoryu Violet, assisted by Kyoryu Cyan and Kyoryu Gray, takes Plezu-Oh to New York; and Kyoryu Silver heads on his own in Gigant Bragi-Oh to Hawaii. Once Spinodai-Oh destroys the Clone Deboth attacking Tokyo, Kyoryu Red sees Debo Yantasanta and chases after him. Debo Yantasanta admits that he stole letters from Santa Claus and reveals that he is one of five other Debo Yanasanta as he and his brother, the Debo Yantasanta from London combine to overpower Kyoryu Red. In China, while Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Black continue to pilot Pteraiden-Oh Western, Kyoryu Gold sees Dogold absorbing some the emotional energy from the Clone Deboth, who reveals the attack to be a divide and conquer scheme to get Kyoryu Red on his own. Noticing something off with Dogold, Utusemimaru follows after him and fakes his rage to free Daigo while telling his nemesis that he is no longer himself. Once they transform, Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold exchange their personal Zyudenchi to defeat Yantasanta ×12. With Daigo barely able to stand, Dogold attempts to kill him when Dantestu intervenes as he and the Kyoryugers get to safety. After recognizing Dantetsu, Dogold decides to take over the human's body and tells Luckyuro to summon the other Debo Yantasantas back to Japan.


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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Volume 11 features episodes 41-44: Brave 41: Yanasanta! Deboss' World War, Brave 42: Wonderful! Christmas of Justice, Brave 43: The Blade of the Soul! Roar, Streizer and Brave 44: Chaos Smiles! The Countdown of Destruction. [1]

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