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Victory! The Sports Game (ビクトリー! スポーツしょうぶだ Bikutorī! Supōtsu Shōbu da) is the thirty-second episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.


When Debo Spokorn attacks, the Kyoryugers attempt to use Yayoi's newly developed Victory Zyudenchi, but Spocorn insists that they play a fair game of basketball, forcing Daigo to teach the others how to properly play the game.


Giving the Kyoryugers additional Zyudenchi, Yayoi presents them with two new Zyudenchi: the Victory Zyudenchi and the Maximum Zyudenchi. Before Yayoi can explain what the items can do, the Kyoryugers are alerted to an attack by Dogold and Aigallon at a competition. Intercepting them, the Kyoryugers are confronted by Dogold's Debo Monster Debo Spokorn and his specially trained Zorima. Outmatched by the Zorimas' basketball themed method attack, unable to use the Victory Zyudenchi, the Kyoryugers use the Futabain Zyudenchi to get the basketball. When Debo Spokorn insists that act to be unfair sportsmanship, Kyoryu Red decides that they would settle with a game of basketball tomorrow. When asked why that just could finish the bad guys off while the chance, Kyoryu Red explains that maybe training will help them learn how to use the Victory Zyudenchi. With Utsusemimaru serving as their manager, despite a rough start, the Kyoryugers eventually learn their strengths as a basketball team. Back at the Spirit Base, realizing Aigallon benefits from many participants depressed over the competition cancelled, Yayoi feels something is still off about Dogold's involvement. By the next day, having changed the game format to soccer at the last minute, Debo Spokorn reveals himself to be a distraction to hold the Kyoryugers at bay long enough for Dogold to obtain the Lost Stone of Futabain within a trophy. Despite the turn of events, with Utsusemimaru held at bay by the Cambrima, the Kyoryugers use their basketball skills to beat Debo Spokorn's team while Torin holds Dogold off so Kyoryu Violet can get the trophy and people to safety. With Kyoryu Violet joining them as they take their fight outside, Kyoryu Red Carnival uses the Victory Zyudenchi so he and his Kyoryuger teammates can defeat Debo Spokorn with their Five Zyudenryu Victory Finish. Forced by a livid Dogold, Luckyuro enlarges both Debo Spokorn and his team with Pteraidenoh Western taking out the Zorima, Plezu-Oh Ankydon wiping out the Cambrima. After being weakened by Kyoryuzin Baseball, Debo Spokorn is destroyed by Bakurestsu Kyoryuzin. Later, as they have obtained Futabain's Lost Stone, Utsusemimaru feels a bit left out of not getting to play basketball.


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KyoryugerGaim Superhero Time Fall 2013

The Kyoryuger/Gaim Super Hero Time group shot, featuring Bragi-Oh.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Brave 29: Great Clash! Carnival Dances, Brave 30: Find Them! The Guardians’ Fragments, Brave 31: Vaacance! The Eternal Holiday and Brave 32: Victory! Sport Challenges!. [1]

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