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It Can't be! Deboss Revived (ま・さ・か!デーボスふっかつ Ma Sa Ka! Dēbosu Fukkatsu) is the twenty-second episode of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. This episode also marks the debut of Dark Species Deboss.


As Doctor Ulshade and Plezuon investigated a planet that was destroyed by Deboss before it came to the Earth, Yayoi reveals she has plans to install data into the Zyudenryu that will allow it to defeat Deboss. However, intending to use this to their advantage while sending his forces and the surviving Zetsumates into Plezuon Lab, Chaos intends to hasten the resurrection of Deboss on a particularly rainy day.


After revealing the amount of emotion they gathered is lacking rage and joy, Chaos reveals his intention to forcibly revive Deboss and requests Dogold's aid, for fear that by the time they would have enough joy and anger, the tenth Zyudenryu and Kyoryuger would be found. To that end, as Aigaron and Candelilla are about to find Plezuon Lab with the aid of  the Zetsumates of illness' clone, Dogold takes Debo Viruson and Luckyuro's Sukusuku Joyro to enact part of Chaos's scheme. At Plezuon Lab, with Dr. Ulshade still in the hospital, Yayoi reveals that her grandfather visited a dead planet that was home to a insectoid race before Deboss exterminated them.

She explains that Dr. Ulshade gathered the data needed to create a Deboss Cell Destruction Program to make Plezuon into force that can wipe out Deboth. After Utsusemimaru notices Amy's attitude and questions her if she likes Daigo, Torin senses Dogold's actions as he and Kyoryugers face him and his summoned forces as Debo Viruson producing an endless supply of Restoration Water. By that time, as Debo Computer Viruson knocks Yayoi out, Torin realizes the Deboss Army's scheme as Chaos arrives with the Frozen Castle.

With Torin revealing the Frozen Castle is in reality Deboss himself as it is dipped into the dam, Dogold keeps the Kyoryugers and Torin while Debo Viruson dives into the dam to enlarge to hold Kyoryuzin Western at bay. Though Kyoryuzin Western attempts to destroy him, Deboss is fully revived after he assimilates Debo Viruson, with Debo Computer Viruson ceasing to be.

With the Zyudenryu fearful of their new enemy except for Gabutyra, Kyoryuzin Western is easily defeated as Raiden Kyoryuzin is formed. Coming to as Aigaron, Candelilla, Luckyuro, and Debo Hyogakki begin wrecking Plezuon Lab, Yayoi finds Plezuon unable to move.





  • When Yayoi finishes updating Plezuon's systems, the computer screen says "Install Conpletion" when it should be "Install Completion".

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